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Stop Zvirikufaya Videos: Eric Knight

By Eric Knight

During my frequent escapades between my beloved country Zimbabwe and my adopted country UK, I have noticed some very disturbing trend. A cold war is being secretly fought between those in the diaspora and those home in Zimbabwe.

Eric Knight
Eric Knight

Internet comments on news sites whenever there is some incident involving a Zimbabwean in the diaspora confirm this. Shockingly negative and malicious comments! There is just some bad blood in most cases.

The reasons as I presume are: Most of my  countrymen in the diaspora give a false impression to those home, making them think they are in heaven in these countries like United Kingdom, United States, South Africa etc.

Jealousy and a sense of defeat creeps in. Dont get me wrong, there are people who are doing very well and have excellent jobs in the diaspora, and there are many struggling in the diaspora.

Just like in Zimbabwe, there are people who are doing extremely well and even better than those in the diaspora while the majority are struggling.

False pictures posted by impressionists on social sites, the showing off of poshy life styles when diasporans visit kumusha/ekhaya, the selfie videos of Zvirikufaya etc are not helping the situation.

On the other hand those home either get so infuriated and jealous, ending up teasing diasporans that murikuita some menial jobs/imisebenzi efileyo etc.

So it is true that when poverty knocks at the door, love flies out through the window.

Come on fellow countrymen, ceasefire!. What has happened to Hunhu/Ubuntu. We both have the poor and the rich at both ends, those blessed with classy jobs and low class jobs are both sides.

Lets stop being so childish, lets stop being our own enemies. We have some bigger fish to fry as a nation. To all those in the diaspora, my definition of success is ‘being able to make others succeed.

To those at the other end, stop being jealous, after all success is not geographical.

A lizard in Zimbabwe does not become a crocodile in USA. Its about opportunities, effort and blessings.

May God bless everyone born of Zimbabwean blood!