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Rapper Holy Ten and TV presenter Yahya Goodvibes breakup after ten days

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Rapper Holy Ten and ZBC TV presenter Yahya Goodvibes ended their relationship ten days after announcing they were ‘deeply in love’ with each other.

Rapper Holy Ten and ZBC TV presenter Yahya Goodvibes
Rapper Holy Ten and ZBC TV presenter Yahya Goodvibes

The pair became a trending topic ten days back after Yahya publicly shot her shot at Holy Ten during a live Instagram video chat.

They have both confirmed that they will be parting ways and vowed never to talk to each other again.

It all went down on Monday afternoon when Holy Ten posted on his Instagram stories asking, “What’s the most respectful way of ending a relationship?”

To which Yahya countered with an emoji of hands lifted up implying she was powerless with the caption ‘Ende so.’

The pair later addressed the break up through a live Instagram video chat.

They both said, the break up was the ‘best’ decision they had come up with due to some reasons they could not disclose.

“Guys we won’t say what happened but we both decided to break up its the best for both of us,” said Yahya.

“We both agreed to break up we spoke about it and ndopano perera msangano,” said Holy Ten.

They vowed not to talk to each other again but said there was no bad blood between them.

“This is the last time we talk to each other. But guys stop looking for who is wrong kuti heeeh ningi ndiye akazodai no there’s no bad blood between us,” said Yahya.

Prior to his chat with Yahya, Holy Ten had blamed peer pressure for taking over him when he was supposed to be focusing on his music.

He said, “the thing here is, this is modern dating, this is peer pressure, this is online dating. This is toxicity and I don’t want that in my life ndinoda kuzviitara zvinhu zvangu ndiri steady.” Nehanda Radio