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Ti Gonzi reflects on near-death experience

Award-winning rapper Tinashe Gonzara, popularly known as Ti Gonzi, has, through music, reflected on a near-fatal mugging that nearly cut short both his life and promising career.

Zimbabwean rapper Ti Gonzi
Zimbabwean rapper Ti Gonzi

An extended play record (EP) titled “Sendiri Two” will be released on May 15 by the youthful rapper, who is also the 2020 Nama Outstanding Male Artist.

The EP is a reflection of the 2019 near-death experience after he was mugged and left for dead.

Produced by Gray Beats, aka Jiggyman, the 10-track EP features Stunner and upcoming artiste R Peels on some of the songs.

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Following the unfortunate incident, Ti Gonzi has apparently become spiritual, which is clearly reflected in most of his new songs.

“Sendiri Two”, the title track, speaks about his deep connection to his late mother and grandfather.

The EP is a joint collaboration with fintech start-up Senditoo, Ti Gonzi himself and online music distribution outfit Zvigaba.com, which will handle the distribution of the music.

“From the day that I was attacked and left for dead, I now believe more in the power of God in terms of how he saves lives. I now believe that wisdom lies in believing that God can save us from any situation,” he said.

Ti Gonzi, however, assured his fans that this change in direction will not dilute his work.

“Although this might sound and appear as if this is a radical change, this does not mean that I am moving away from the trademark ferocious lyricism that I am synonymous with. I am still the Ti Gonzi that the fans know about and adore,” added the Mufakose-born rapper.

His wordplay, he said, will be pregnant with the usual similes, metaphors, humour and wit.

Both social and political commentary are part of his music.

Ti Gonzi has achieved a lot since he broke into the music scene in 2014.

In 2017, he was chosen by the organisers of the Shoko Festival to represent Zimbabwe at an international festival in Senegal.

In 2019, he collaborated with Ishan on the single “Kure”, which became a runaway national hit. The Sunday Mail