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I’m ready to assist up and coming artistes: Chimbetu

By Michael Magoronga

One of the longest-serving Dendera musicians, Allan Chimbetu says his doors are always open for up-and-coming artistes who want assistance.

Boroma and Allan Chimbetu (Picture by NewsDay)
Boroma and Allan Chimbetu (Picture by NewsDay)

Allan is the surviving sibling of Simon, Brian, and Naison, who are all credited for promoting the Dendera genre.

Having started music in 1992, Allan otherwise known as Professor feels he has enough experience to be able to nurture new talent and show them the way.

“Technically I started music in 1992 but I would want to start when Simon died in 2005. I made the toughest decision to take over the band. I just told myself that Dendera had to go on despite the death of my brothers,” said Chimbetu.

Given his own challenges, Chimbetu says music is an industry which requires fortitude and courage.

“I had to wake up every day and focus on my music. I faced so many challenges though, especially when there was no will left by the deceased. There were quarrels but my focus was music and it led me to release my first album titled Sonny in 2005 which was well received,” he said.

Chimbetu says if it was not for his passion for music, he could have dumped the band a long time ago.

“I went to the United Kingdom more than 12 times on musical tours with Simon and a number of our band members left and ran away. I remained because of my passion for music and not money,” he said.

Following the death of his siblings some of their children also decided to take up music,

Some fans were divided as to who the real deal in Dendera music was.

Sulu, Tyson, Saaiwe and Douglas are some of the children who decided to take the music route.

Allan says despite a few disagreements here and there, he had managed to pull the family together.

“Yes, there were some disagreements just like any other family but as the remaining father, my mission is to bring the family together, I will not back down to any challenge as I try to bring the family together,” he said.

Recently, Allan teamed up with his son, Sulu on the track Nhodzerai from his latest Urgent matter album.

Besides featuring members of his own family, Allan also teamed up with Australia-based Cozy Cozile on another track Hombarume.

He said he wanted to assist not only members of this family but every artiste.

“It’s high time I help up-and-coming artistes because of the experience I have acquired from the time I started this music business. I’m open to those who want to do music,” said Allan. The Chronicle