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Elias Chakabwata: It’s a paradox (Poem)

By Dr Elias Chakabwata

But why is it that the most intelligent person is not the richest person?
Please tell me why the richest person is not the most intelligent person?
I need a response as to why the strongest man is not the best boxer
The best boxer is not the strongest man?

Why are servants riding in cars yet the King is walking on foot?
Walking on foot ,the king is not riding in a car what a paradox!
But why is it that the best runner is not a police officer?
And the best police officer is not the best runner?
I still await a response as to why the most honest person is not guarding a shop
And the shop guard is not the most honest man?
But why is it that the innocent person is incarcerated while the vilest of men is free?
Please explain to me why the shop assistant is not the most civil person
And the most civil person is not a shop assistant?

But why is it that the good person die in their prime years?
While those considered bad live longer?
Please explain to me why the good people die together with those considered evil when there is a tornado?
It seems there is a mystery that no one can explain
The mysteries which needs unraveling
But who will unravel these mysteries ?
Philosophy seem to falter
Science is still stuck with the definition of life?
So where can we turn to?
Where can we gain insights?
Maybe I will try the Supernatural
Beyond the natural there seems a greater Power.
A Power that can demystify the mystified
To help the confused
The confused have confusion
The confusion is emanating from the confused information
The Supernatural points to a greater One
The Greater one who inhabits eternity
Eternity is His abode
All wise
All Knowing
All powerful
He lives outside the realm of time.
I will leave my issues in His hands
He is not stuck with issues like me
I know He is Sovereign
He is not accountable to me
He is invisible
Yet His acts are visible
He changes things without Himself changing
He is the unchangeable changer
I rest my why issues in His hands.