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Dr Elias Chakabwata: Hope for another day

By Dr Elias Chakabwata

Hope for another day
Agony, anguish, apathy
Despondency, despair, depression
Torment, torture, terror
Lonely. deserted, ostracized
The Sun is setting
Setting in the West
Worst experiences are intensifying,
The intensity is unbearable
But why me?

Breathing is suffocating me
I would rather stay without breathing
Breathing is a nightmare
No appetite
No desire for entertainment
My speech is failing
I would rather keep my loud silence
Loved yet deserted
Living yet dying inward
Uncared for yet carefree
My money , yet no sleep

My cat yet, no leisure
Puzzled, perturbed , perplexed
Baffled, battered, buffeted
Meaningless is the meaning of all this.

Guava leaves, Lemon juice , zumbani tea
Zithromax , Vitamin C, eucalyptus oil
Who knows, what if it works?

The cock crows signaling the arrival of dawn
The sun is rising
Darkness of the night is dispersed
It’s a new day
My mental eye sees a mountain very far
A loud voice cries from the mountain top
It’s preaching hope
Hope for tomorrow
Tomorrow will come
Leaves dance in trees
A gentle breeze blows as ravens fly overheard
Their flapping wings give me assurance that I am still flesh and blood
I am confident that I will join the ravens and flap my wings
Celebrating the dawn of a new day
New hope
New dreams
In the midst of pain , there is hope.