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Gringo’s role in Village Secrets continues

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Producers for the popular ZBCTV drama, “Village Secrets”, which featured Lazarus Boora as “Gibbo”, have said despite the death of the actor, his role in the drama will continue according to script.

Legendary veteran actor Lazarus Boora, who was popularly known as Gringo
Legendary veteran actor Lazarus Boora, who was popularly known as Gringo

Boora — who acted as Gringo in other local dramas — succumbed to cancer at the age of 47 on November 9.

In “Village Secrets”, he played Gibbo — a retiree, who returns to his home village to rejoin his first wife Machuma.

In the village, Gibbo is drawn into village governance matters where he plays a pivotal role in addressing matters getting out of hand.

He becomes a darling to village faithfuls and reignites the unresolved matters on the village head throne.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, “Village Secrets” director Leonard Chibhamu said Gibbo’s role will not be phased out.

“When Gringo started suffering from stomach pains early August, we decided to add that in the drama as part of the script,” he said.

“He did not want to be removed from his role when we sat down with him as we wanted him to recover. The drama series continued with Gibbo’s episodes not well and the fans adjusted to that.

However, he passed away when we had not finished shooting, but nothing is going to change as his role will continue to exist posthumously.

“His past and present and the hidden issues will emerge and continue to influence the direction of the story.”

Chibhamu said another reason for replacing Gibbo with another character, was because Gringo inspired the storyline and his legacy will live on.

“I think this is only the beginning,” he said.

“Gringo’s legacy will live and this is how we are going to remember him. His physical presence is missed equally as we missed his presence when he was unwell.

“We may add new actors to strengthen the story’s appeal, but our additions don’t imply replacement, but to follow dynamics in the story.”

Çhibhamu said Gibbo’s character in the drama had become a dark horse in the contentious issue.

“He is bewitched and leaves for the city to seek medical help,” he said. “Unfortunately, he will not make it and his death brings a new twist to the governance of the village. Gibbo’s influence in the village is felt posthumously.” The Herald