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Mnangagwa demands retraction, apology from paper over “fake son”

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesman has ordered the privately owned NewsDay to apologise and retract a story claiming his “son Tarirai David Mnangagwa is being accused of seizing gold mining claims in Gweru after the owners had invited him to invest in the project.”

Tarirai Mnangagwa

Mnangagwa said Tarirai was not his son and he demanded evidence from the private media organisation of the relationship between the two.

On Thursday, NewsDay woke up with a headline; “Mnangagwa’s son in gold mine grab,” feeding fuel to the fire of outrage caused by the First Family being implicated in other massive allegations of corruption since it assumed power in 2017.

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In a statement last night, the Deputy Chief Secretary (Presidential Communications), George Charamba demanded evidence of the final relationship between the President and Taurai Mnangagwa.

“The Office of the President and Cabinet continues to view with consternation what clearly is a sustained media campaign by NewsDay and other syndicated online news outlets against His Excellency the President, Cde ED Mnangagwa, the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa, and children of the First Family as involved or associated with alleged crimes and conflicts in the mining sector.

“The latest in a series of such slurs and innuendos was a front page story (Thursday, 12th November, 2020) issue of NewsDay which badly creates the impression Tarirai David Mnangagwa is the President’s biological son.

“His Excellency would be most grateful if NewsDay can provide him and the nation with evidence of a filial relationship between him and Tarirai David Mnangagwa, in order to make good claims in their story.

“In the absence of such evidence, the Office of the President and Cabinet demands an immediate retraction of the published damaging falsehood, as well as an unconditional apology to the President, the First Lady and the First Family,’’ Charamba said.

The NewsDay story had claimed that gold mining claims grabbed by Taurai were under Block 16 Quarts mining claims called Jilikin 25, registration number 12641BM whose owner, according to court papers seen by NewsDay, is Chad Cecil Mupandanyama, since 2005.

“But last month, Mnangagwa filed an application with the court, alleging that he had been duped of US$4 million by Mupanganyama after he booted out a company which he co-founded.

“Mupandanyama together with his company, Swifteagle Investment Business Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd, cited Eliazel Mushiringi, Tarirai David Mnangagwa, Ruan Meats Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Wozheri Stone Crushers (Pvt) Ltd, Registrar of Companies, provincial mining director, Mines minister Winston Chitando as co-respondents in the matter.

“Mupandanyama said initially, he was partners with Mushiringi, who later roped in Mnangagwa to register a company called Wozheri Stone Crushers (Pvt) Ltd using a forged signature and other documents obtained fraudulently.

“As a result, Mupandanyama is seeking the High Court to issue an order declaring the registration of Wozheri Stone Crushers unlawful,” said the Alpha Media Holdings’ daily newspaper. Nehanda Radio