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Shasha credits cab driver for her rise

By Bernard Chiketo

BET award-winning South Africa-based Zimbabwean songstress Shasha says she was set up for her life-changing relationship with DJ Maphorisa by a cab driver.

Charmaine Mapimbiro a.k.a Shasha
Charmaine Mapimbiro a.k.a Shasha

The Amapiano hit-maker whose real name is Charmaine Mapimbiro told her homecoming press conference in Mutare this week that the private taxi driver, a fellow Zimbabwean working in in South Africa, volunteered to link her up with the acclaimed DJ and music producer.

“My cab driver from here in Zimbabwe asked why he always took me to the places he would and l told him I was an artist – singer songwriter and he said he knew DJ Maphorisa! Yes, my cab driver linked me up with DJ Maphorisa!

“He said l can link you up so that you meet him and play him one of your songs and he did. The rest is history. And here we are!” Shasha said.

DJ Maphorisa – real name Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, facilitated her meteoric rise to international stardom leading to her bagging the BET Best International Act award this year.

She attributed the opportunity to her grooming with the Ubuntu philosophy which made her respect everyone regardless of station in life which resulted in her landing a life-changing opportunity from an unlikely source.

“I grew up with my parents, my guardians teaching me to treat people right. So never judge a book by its cover.

“Treat people good no matter who you are, where you are or places that you are. We are all people at the end of the day and I take ubuntu very seriously,” Shasha said.

Shasha who grew up shuffling between the two countries attending 10 schools in the process said she feels at home in either country but feels a particular attachment to Mutare where she spent most of her teenage years into adulthood.

Shasha named local music icon, the late Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi alongside Australian songwriter Sia and British pop star Ed Sheeran as having the greatest influence on her music.

She however said Tuku had the most influence as he made an impression on her artistic conscience as a child.

“Tuku is one of my all-time favourite artists. His music was a fundamental part of my childhood and my appreciation for music was greatly aided by listening to how he crafted his art,” she said.