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Letter from America with Ken Mufuka: Will Smith: Trouble in Paradise!

By Ken Mufuka

My brother Fabian Mabaya, as you will remember, Brother Will Smith, is my favorite actor. Will came up at a time when Hollywood had already been conquered by black titans like Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington and behind them all the civilized and polished Sidney Poitier, who the leading man in “Guess who is coming to dinner.”

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

Riding on the shoulders of these titans, Will did not need to invent himself, or to comport to any image of what a black actor should be. He was himself, funny, straddling between action films, like Suicide Squad (U$746 million) and the mythical Alladin (U$1.05 billion) his greatest hit. Supported by his son Jedan (now 22) he ventured into sci-fi genre, Night Shyamalan, which is a hit among kids.

So, brother Fabian, we are talking about a titan among men, who has grossed over $2 billion in ticket sales at the box office. It was his partnership with the equally successful Jada Pinkett Smith (44) a very successful sister, regarded as the hottest item in the under-world today of unbelievers today that any young actor who can throw her name around is guaranteed an audience in the musical and rap world of unbelievers.

That is where our problem begins.

I have used the term partnership deliberately. These self-worshippers regard such ancient customs as oppressive.

These arrangements have been around for as long as I can remember. Former president Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were in a political “marriage” of convenience.

According to Jeda (named after a mythical tribe in Star Trek that lives in the netherworld of the inner galaxy) “Will is free to do whatever makes him comfortable with his conscience.”

I must point out that the bedrock of conscience is religion. If therefore, Sister Jeda follows only her own will and testament; (and desires) what was formerly forbidden (by religion) no longer weighs on one’s conscience.

Here is a woman, married to a billionaire. The billionaire, Will, having missed the good life with his first arrangement with Sheree Zampino, with whom he had a boy child, Trey, is trying to do god by her.

Nevertheless, Will confessed that no matter how much he tried to please her, Jeda was never appreciative.

Now comes this relationship with Augusto Alsina (27) who is the same age as Jaden, their son.

 Enter Augusto Alsina the Agagite

Augusto (pronounced Augushto) Alsina (sometimes called Alsina is as bad a brother as one will ever find in the “hood” (formerly called a ghetto). He says he is a poet, and all I could read from his music were three lines before I came across heavy weather of “F-words” and other words not found in the Merriam Webster dictionary.

His latest output, “Go get your money,” is about a whore who earns a living by selling her body. There is no redeeming feature in the song as it is filled with filth of the worst kind.

Augusto is a worse than a Philistine perhaps an Agagite. He was introduced to Sister Jeda by Jedan (22) and sought empathy from her under the guise of going through some life altering experiences.

In the event, Jeda went to bed with Augusto, who made it a point to tell the whole world about it. It is the old story of Potiphar’s wife.

Apparently, Augusto is having a blast. “What you have,” he told Will, “I can have.” Augusto says that he had an indaba with Will and Jada and that the two agreed on their continued relationship.

Jeda’s acceptance of this brother is like getting the “scraps from the bottom of the barrel.”  If Jeda has any class whatever, or any pride, she would have appreciated the consequences of such a relationship with an Agagite.

The whole debate is now the buzz of the talk radio underworld. Why did the brother have to tell the world? How will that come off with Willow Smith (18) and son Jedan (25) Augusto’s friend?

“You did what to my mother?” That is the issue.

The interview below was held on the 15 of July. Apparently Augusto had been doing “this thing” for four years and bragging about it.

In the dark world in which Augusto lives, his “entanglement” with a billionaire’s wife and follow up bragging would have easily earned him a bullet in his left ear.

 Augusto found himself the subject of vicious debate and his business partners wisely started distancing themselves from him.  So Augusto made a “bad donkey story” worse by going public. Reader, please note that we are not allowed to use the synonym for donkey which Augusto would have used.

The arrogant brother says he was going to put an end to this “entanglement” (his word).

 “People looked at me as this problematic guy who was super reckless… like I am (an F-word) with somebody’s wife.” His business partners started to shy away from him.

“It started to (an F-word) with my money and business relationships and money because … (an F-word again) I am this guy publicly announcing his love and (an F-word) somebody’s wife, quote unquote.”


This is a story which professors love to ask their students to analyze. The main actors in this story are Philistines; since they hold the levers of power, radio, music and media communications, they bombard the world with their self-importance.

The fact that they are ignorant of universal laws, they display their lack of self control as a badge of honor (nyembe); they are rash, are ignorant of the meaning of loyalty, they are conceited, love pleasure as their first option, and in Augusto’s world there is nothing sacred and there are no boundaries.

A guest in Potiphar’s house, he saw nothing amiss about seducing the mistress of the house, for four years.