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Scarfizzo denies taking on T Gonzi

By Nyasha Kada

Hip Hop artiste Scarfizzo has denied taking on fellow rapper T Gonzi after the release of his controversial new song titled “MaBlot, Jah Love nema Winky D.”

Hip Hop artiste Scarfizzo
Hip Hop artiste Scarfizzo

Last year, T Gonzi released a song titled “MaEnzo maBazooker nema Pumacol” which did well on the local scene.

The release of Scarfizzo’s new song has evoked speculation that the Mbare based rapper could be having a go at T Gonzi.

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However, Scarfizzo popular for hit songs like Zvekudaro and Tsamba kuvakuru said the song was being taken the wrong way by some hip hop fans.

“I hadn’t released something in a short while and it was kind of strategic from my side to go quiet for a while.

“The song is all about announcing my come back.

“It’s a song where I’m making an announcement that I have come back bigger and better hence the names of big artistes like Winky D and Jah Love.

“Those are no doubt some of the biggest and talented artistes we have as a nation and I felt they fit my script of the song very well,” he said.

He added:

“T Gonzi is my brother and have so much respect for him and his music.

“I really liked the style to his song “MaEnzo Bazooker nema Pumacol” and i just felt I could also use the same kind of style but with my own flair.

“The song has nothing to do with T Gonzi but it’s just all about the art.

“What I did with the song is pure art and nothing more to it. ”

Scarfizzo’s said he is already working on the video of the song and will be relaxes in a few weeks to come.

He also promised more new music come summer season. H-Metro