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Dodo dismisses ‘final’ squad

By Snodia Mikiri

CAPS United coach Darlington Dodo has dismissed the 2020 ‘final’ squad circulating on social media saying they are yet to finalise the team to do duty for the forthcoming season.

CAPS United coach Darlington Dodo
CAPS United coach Darlington Dodo

Dodo said they are currently observing the lockdown and some of the decisions need to be made on the ground.

He said he is adhering to the regulations to curb the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

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“That list is not from us. We are yet to confirm our final 2020 team. We are on break and for us to come up with the final squad we have to do it the proper way. Before loaning out a player we have to sit with the players and tell them why we are loaning them out and make them understand what we are trying to achieve from the loan.

“Loan shouldn’t just be a decision I make on my own both parties have to agree. We don’t want to do that process over the phone. We are yet to announce our final squad,” said Dodo.

According to the list circulating in social media, Valentine Musarurwa is being loaned out to Black Mambas.

Dodo laughed off also saying there is no bad blood between him and Musarurwa as reported.
Musarurwa was, however, reported to be on his way out after fallout with Dodo.

It has emerged he is trying to force a loan to Highlanders where he will reunite with former mentor Mark Harrison.

Dodo said he has nothing against Musarurwa.

“There is no bad blood between me and him (Musarurwa).

“People like to talk a lot and they also lie in the process. It’s speculations. Some are true but some are also wrong. We are united, we are a family. We only have differences not bad blood,” he added.
Dodo said he is in the process of still choosing who will lead the team for the 2020 season.

He, however, hinted the captain won’t be a defender.

“We have a strong squad and it has many leaders. CAPS had players like Joe Mugabe and Lloyd Chitembwe who were once captains, they were all not leading from the back.

“We are going to be looking for the right candidate no matter the position.

“We just want a leader who will give us the much needed assurance. We need one who has stability, his position doesn’t matter, we want someone who can execute the job very well. I know people are looking at our defenders and judge us there but they are wrong.

“Method was leading from the back but he didn’t have the armband. “There is a lot we want these players to display before we make the announcement,” he added. H-Metro