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Letter from America with Ken Mufuka: Battle to oust Trump continues through the coronavirus

By Professor Ken Mufuka

The news bulletins on the coronavirus epidemic have been so politicized that common people now rely more on local news broadcasts for updates and information than on national news broadcasts.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

Bloomberg News, 20 March headlines a story as follows. “Trump touts drug that Federal Drug Administration has not yet approved.” In another headline, Bloomberg News says that: “Virus drug touted by Trump can kill with just two-gram dose.”

The story below the headline is different from the headline itself. Trump never said patients should take a two-gram dose (so they get killed). The drug Trump talked about is chloroquine, which has been used for 50 years for malaria treatment.

Bloomberg goes on to scare readers. The FDA says the medicines can have severe side-effects.

Please God, give us patience. Any medicine taken without doctor’s advice can be dangerous because only the doctor knows dosage levels required. In any case, Trump never said when sick, go to the pharmacy and override prescription rules for chloroquine tablets.

By the way, chloroquine (called quinine in Africa) has its origin in Africa. It was the African medicine men who taught the slave traders how to use it.

It was not Trump who was ridiculous. It was the FDA official who said that chloroquine has not been clinically tested by the authorities.

Forbes Magazine (March 22) has reported that Beth Novins, 53 of New Jersey was diagnosed with COVID-19 virus. Though she was being treated with pneumonia, once her doctor confirmed it was corona virus, chloroquine was added to her “stuff.”

In less than one day she showed signs of recovery. The great Afro-American historian Henrik Clarke documented in his summa that while slavers had been reluctant to take advice from African slave medicine men, once they did, the effect of the muti was no less than miraculous.

Trump is merely being optimistic, basing his information on the French experiments where 14 out of 20 patients treated with Plaquenil (trade name in US) recovered.

Democrats, buoyed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their media acolytes are continuing their attempt to remove Trump from office by any means necessary, Covid-19 being one of them. January 13, Pelosi said: “Its Sunday morning, one way or another, 10 months from now we will have an election, if we don’t have him removed sooner.”

Pelosi has demanded her pound of flesh. Trump must agree to Pelosi’s agenda before she can do business with him. First trade unions must be allowed more say in industry.

Second airlines must be placed under stricter fuel regulations. Conservatives believe that these two issues are job killers, especially the third demand for solar systems preferential tax breaks.

So the war to remove Trump by any means necessary is going on behind corona virus battles.

Trump accused of new crimes

In understanding US politics, readers must remember that the elites, through the Federal Bureau of Investigations assured their clients that they had an insurance policy against a Trump electoral victory and his removal from office should he be elected.

In managing the coronavirus epidemic, no matter what he says, or does, nothing will weigh with them. He must be condemned.

The media carries water for Democrats.

Since the reaction of government is to declare a lockdown on travel, commercial malls, avoidable travel and restaurant activities, these businesses can collapse without a government bail-out.

A bail-out involves free money (a grant) or money at no interest. Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, whose previous life was at Goldman Sachs financial house, can be trusted to the interests of big corporations but not the little people.

Democrats have a point in wanting to ensure that bail outs serve small business as well as large corporations.

While we give them credit for thinking of the little guy, we will be negligent if we did not mention their sheer hypocrisy.

In 2008, these elitist Democrats were in power under President Barack Obama. During that recession they called on apparatchiks from the same Goldman Sachs financial houses, which had, through greed, created a housing bubble that threatened the whole world financial strata.

Though these moguls were as dirty as dirt, having committed fraud and crimes of greed, not a single one of them went to jail.

They cried allowed, “Detroit is back in business.” The three automobile giants, Ford, Chrysler and General Motors received free money. Yes, reader, you heard me correctly. I had a small real estate company and the lender tried to foreclose on one of my properties even though my payments were up to date.

They would make a double killing by receiving government money and then selling my property as well, the scoundrels.

Democrats were complicit. Now they are making big noise about the little people.

The same hypocrites, fearing the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders, and a challenge to the status quo, worked like a Mafioso “to take him out.”

To give Republicans credit, Trump has suggested a two-time payment of $1 200 each for families to see them through the lockdown period. Democrats in good old fashioned charade want the money to go to food stamp recipients.

It has escaped them that any family of four, placed on  “benefits earns an average of $32 000, way above a working family.

Incompetent lunatic

The corona virus originated in Wuhan province of China and the knowledge of its existence was kept from the world until about December 15, 2019.

 “I want my test kit now.” The anti-Trump resistance(rs) are shouting. “There are not enough hospital beds. There will be 60 million people affected. Trump is doing nothing.”

The chorus: He must be removed from office.

Alto singers: He is destroying the institutions of this society. (Atlantic Magazine April 2020).

If Trump were to call the heads of pharmaceutical companies to Washington, DC., he would need at least two weeks’ leeway. Logistically, that would bring us to January 2020.

“I want my vaccination now! Yesterday,” an anti-Trump deranged sycophant (which they pronounce See-cofant) shouts at a press conference.

The Atlantic Magazine takes its information from former Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, who engineered the now famous anti-Trump coup from that office.

While the writer, respected George Packer gives all the anti-Trump conspirators the benefit of the doubt for “sincerity” he ignores the human element that Trump and his supporters would not regard coup plotters as sincere and innocent of intent to do harm.

But the battle to oust Trump continues through coronavirus, by hook or by crook.

Conclusion and advice: The New York Times and the Washington Post do not hide their goal, to remove Trump from office in cahoots with Democrats.

African governments need to make a concerted effort on how best to react, if peradventure, media groups decided to overthrow governments for whatever reason.

I am witnessing a slow motion coup in the making.