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‘Small fish cannot challenge Chamisa’

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) presidential spokesman Nkululeko Sibanda has warned that there is no one who can challenge the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa within the party adding that “some of the people involved are small fish.”

Dr Nkululeko Sibanda (left) seen here with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa (right)
Dr Nkululeko Sibanda (left) seen here with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa (right)

This comes at a time when the MDC is allegedly rocked by chaos and multiple reports of factionalism.

Speaking to the Daily News on Tuesday, Sibanda dismissed factionalism in the opposition party adding that there was no one to challenge the opposition leader.

“These people are creating a crisis yet there is no crisis. There is a danger that some of our leaders are being used to create a non-existent reality. We have people who are lying to Zanu PF that they could destabilise the party.

“But I can tell you that people are missing the point because there is no factionalism in the MDC. There is no one who can challenge the president and some of the people involved are small fish,” Sibanda said.

Sibanda warned rivals in the MDC that, “the door is wide open for people to leave. In the MDC we encourage people to resign, and if a person resigns that does not make it a crisis.

“However, it should be noted that the president is a unifying leader who believes in sharing ideas,” he added.

Recently, MDC secretary for presidential affairs Morgen Komichi dismissed as fake, a resignation letter that circulated on social media on Tuesday meant to portray him as a disgruntled rival.

In a statement Komichi said, “I’m just one person who will never ever resign from MDC. There have been a lot of media speculations. I have seen a letter purported to have been written by me.

“Actually, the letter which circulated on the social media had no signature, with a wrong spelling of my name Morgen. An hour later, I saw it had a signature. That’s the work of the enemy.”

Unconfirmed reports claim that long serving MDC members like Douglas Mwonzora, and Komichi, were among rival officials risking being booted out of the party.

Only last week Mwonzora was handed a final warning for allegedly discussing party business on social media. The cryptic letter however did not say what he had discussed. Nehanda Radio