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Marry kept to herself: Inmates

By Praise Mabuto

Female inmates at Chikurubi Female Prison have said Marry Mubaiwa was an introvert during her stint behind bars.

FILE picture of Marry Chiwenga during a court appearance
Marry Chiwenga in court

Marry had a stint in the cells after she was initially denied bail over allegations of externalisation of money and attempting to kill her ex-husband Vice President Chiwenga.

The women expressed their wish to have interacted with her.

Speaking on the sidelines of the handover ceremony of a consignment of goods donated by Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu yesterday, inmate Pamela Chikami said:

“We wished to talk to Marry as our mother but we had no access to her.

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“We only saw her during her arrival and departure time.

“We also wished to socialise with her and have time to ask questions about how she also felt about being in prison,” said Pamela.

Kayla Dlamini also expressed her concerns over Marry’s behaviour during the time she was in prison.

“Marry isolated herself when she was in prison.

“We could not even talk to her since she was always in her room.

“We were happy the time she arrived as we thought that our meals were going to be different as compared to other days.

“Unfortunately nothing changed when Marry was around us; we only had normal meals and services like any day before.

“But we already miss her since she gave us hope as prisoners,” said Kayla. H-Metro