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UZ takes former student to court

By Mathew Masinge

University of Zimbabwe registrar Dr Noah Mutongoreni has dragged a former student to court seeking an order to dismiss her application for want of prosecution.

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) : Campus Overview
University of Zimbabwe (UZ) : Campus Overview

According to the chamber application, the college was earlier sued by Nyasha Chidamahiya, who studied towards a degree in Sociology which she completed last year.

In her matter (HC 2592), Chidamahiya complained about being denied access to her results, accommodation and to register her final semester.

Chidamahiya then obtained a court order granting her wishes to which Dr Mutongoreni and the institute’s Vice Chancellor were accused of blocking until she again sought another order for contempt of court.

However, Chidamahiya has graduated from the University and the Registrar is now pushing for her application to be dismissed for lack of rights since she is no longer a student at the college.

“I aver that the court application which was filed by the Respondent (Chidamahiya) should also be dismissed because the application has no merits and has since been overtaken by events.

“The court application was premised on the grounds that the 1st Respondent was a student at the University of Zimbabwe who was entitled to accommodation on campus.

“The 1st Respondent completed her studies in 2018 and since then no longer has rights to enforce against the University hence she no longer has reason to prosecute the court application,” said Dr Mutongreni.

He said Chidamahiya’s application continued to hang over her head as appending matter without justification of its existence.

He feels the application must be dismissed for want of prosecution. H-Metro