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Former VP Joice Mujuru warns senior opposition members about dangers of sleeping around

By Staff Reporter

Former Vice President and now leader of the opposition National People’s Party (NPP) Joice Mujuru has warned opposition members to be wary of their surroundings and guard against ‘honey traps’ that see them sleeping with spies who work for state security agencies.

Joice Mujuru
Opposition National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru

Addressing nearly 40 000 followers on her Facebook page, Mujuru wrote; “In light of everything that is happening let me urge some senior opposition figures to be wary of their surroundings. Not everything is the way you see it. Not everyone is who you think they are.

Mujuru who served as Vice President from 2004 to 2014 went on to say “very important operational information is being leaked everyday. Be wary of the people you spend time with and sleep. You relax and let your guard down, they listen to when you talk on the phone.

“How does someone in the executive know high level information. The beast is sophisticated. More than you can imagine. It uses girls. Not random girls. Girls that you know. Believe me, you will trust these girls and you will let your guard down. Avoid sleeping in avenues and avondale areas.

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“You are at your most vulnerable there. Those areas are a birds nest for this beast. A big birds nest. And so are most hotels. Every apartment complex is infested. Highly infested more than you can imagine. From guards to caretakers to residents. Big brother is watching & he doesn’t blink an eye.”

It’s not immediately clear if Mujuru was referring to any senior opposition figure in particular but her cryptic message has certainly set tongues wagging and heightened speculation.

In late 2014, Mujuru was accused of plotting against then President Robert Mugabe and became an outcast within ZANU-PF. She lost her positions in the party leadership at the December 2014 congress, and shortly afterward, on 8 December 2014, Mugabe dismissed her from her post as Vice-President, along with ministers who were identified with her faction.

In comments published on 9 December, the same day the dismissals were announced, Mujuru said that the claims that she had plotted against Mugabe were “ridiculous”.

On 10 December 2014, Mugabe appointed Mujuru’s long-time rival in the succession battle, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to replace her as Vice-President.

Mujuru was expelled from ZANU-PF on 3 April 2015 and subsequently moved on to form the Zimbabwe People First party, in opposition to ZANU-PF.

In 2017 after expelling seven senior members of the Zimbabwe People First party, she changed its name to National People’s Party when the expelled members challenged ownership of the Zimbabwe People First name. Nehanda Radio