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Terminator now parking marshal

…chanter quits Zim dancehall

By Praise Masvosva

Former Zim dancehall chanter Alban “Terminator” Nyatsambo is now proud of being a parking marshal.

Alban “Terminator” Nyatsambo
Alban “Terminator” Nyatsambo

The youthful musician who quit Zim dancehall in 2016 to pursue gospel music told this publication that he is happy with his new job.

He said his mission is to win hearts of lost souls.

H-Metro’s reporter PRAISE MASVOSVA (PM) caught up with ALBAN NYATSAMBO (AN) who is operating as a parking marshal in the Central Business District.

He opened up in a question and answer interview. Read on…

PM: How are you managing your life and your new job?

AN: My brother I am now a born again Christian and everything is going well according to God’s plan.

I have put my life in God’s hands and everything is going well.

Zvinoita sezvisiri correct but zviri correct in a certain way.

I am working as a parking marshal and I am working for Easy Park.

PM: How did you end up as a parking marshal and your experience?

AN: It was a blessing from God himself.

I did not even look for this job but one day I had a friend who just told me that Easy Park was recruiting.

I regard this job as a journey to a better place.

Since I am in the journey with God, he is the driver of my life and he is controlling everything.

I am learning a lot from people.

PM: Parking marshals are looked down upon by many, what’s your comment?

AN: It’s true my brother people are looking down upon us but my advice to people is that in life you should not be ashamed with who you are today because hapasi parikuperera upenyu.

The best is yet to come.

PM: As a parking marshal how are you handling bullies?

AN: We meet different people and some of them are so difficult.

It requires wisdom from God to handle situations and some motorists come with different threats.

Some of them tell us that they are connected to political leaders and they would want to be exempted from paying but with God’s guidance I always sail through.

PM: Tell us about your nasty experience?

AN: I was once beaten by a motorist after his car was clamped by my workmate.

So when I was trying to reason with him he ended up beating me.

After considering God’s inner voice, I managed to talk to him in a polite way and up to now we communicate via WhatsApp.

PM: How has your new experience influenced your behaviour?

AN: Honestly this job has influenced a lot to me in different ways.

It’s really testing my spiritual growth because I used to be someone ane hasha but with experience of meeting different people every day I am learning to be kind.

We are insulted every day and as a born again Christian, I just remember that whatever happens in life has got a reason to happen.

It’s not a coincidence to meet certain people but God himself will be behind everything.

PM: Why are you always wearing a hat? Is it because you are shy?

AN: I am not even ashamed of my work because that’s not the end of my life.

Zvandiri nhasi hazvisizvo zvandichava mangwana.

I am always in my hat because it will be hot.

PM: As a celebrity do people recognise you?

AN: Yes people recognise me and they even discourage me to continue working as a parking marshal.

Vanotondibvunza kuti ndinoshuvei but I tell them it’s God’s plan.

I even preach the word of God to motorists, fans and even my colleagues but they laugh at me.

PM: Tell us about your greatest temptation?

AN: My brother many people come to me trying to bribe me but I always turn them down.

Ndatonzwa nekusekwa nevanhu zvichinzi ndakapusa, I am being labelled with different names but what I believe is that God who has put me here will take me through to my desires.

I don’t accept bribes and I am being honesty kana ndichifa nenzara regai ndife ndakadaro.

Let’s say no to corruption.

PM: Are you still into music?

AN: Music is my calling and God has called me to win his lost souls through music.

It’s just that I have left Zim dancehall genre for the benefit of the word of God.

PM: Is your new calling paying off?

AN: My main aim is to win lost souls and preach the word of God.

What matters before God is to be content with what you have and keeping focused.

We are here on earth to praise God and work for our eternal life.

If you do well and be faithful to God he will never leave you suffering.

From the day I was born again my life has changed and I am not turning back.

PM: Any plans for this year?

AN: This year I am going to shoot videos to complement my audios and I am recording several tracks.

My songs will be influenced by everyday events.

I am also a producer and I am planning to have a riddim which I will be accommodating everyone.

The riddim will forge unity among musicians.

PM: Tell us about your love life?

AN: I am happily married and I have two children.

My first born is in grade two and the other one was born two weeks ago.

PM: Do you have any special message to your fans?

AN: They should read the bible Mathew 6 vs 33 which says ‘seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

People should invite the presence of God in their lives and God will lead their ways.

PM: Thank you so much for your time?

AN: You are welcome my brother, it was nice having you during the lunch hour. H-Metro