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Chicken Slice employees up for $11k theft

By Zvikomborero Parafini

Eleven Chicken Slice employees were, last weekend, brought to court answering to theft charges involving over $11 000.

Some of the suspects in the Chicken Slice theft case
Some of the suspects in the Chicken Slice theft case

Paidamoyo Bopoto and ten others were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare Magistrate Barbra Mateko.

Allegations are that from January to July this year, at Chicken Slice Bank Street, seven of them were employed as till operators while four others were chefs.

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It is alleged that the till operators would receive orders from customers and after the money would have been paid, the two operators would then send the orders to the chefs to prepare meals.

Whilst the customer would be waiting for the meal, the till operator would cancel the transaction using the supervisor’s password and despite the transaction sailing through, the chefs would continue processing the order.

This would net effect Chicken Slice as the entity would be giving the food away for free and the till operator would then collect the money of the earlier-on bought and processed order from the customer.

The matter came to light when Christopher Muchemwa the security officer was viewing the Closed Circuit TV and noticed that the till operators were recording some suspicious transactions separately which was outside their duties.

This resulted in him asking to view the sales sheet and it was discovered that more transactions were recorded as void whereas at the time of the voiding, there was no supervisor and for the void to be valid, the duty supervisor had to cancel it with her password.

An internal audit was conducted and it was discovered that the employees prejudiced Chicken Slice of $11 097 and USD$126, 75. H-Metro