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Bounty Lisa moves on

By Keith Mlauzi

Soul Jah Love’s ex-wife Bounty Lisa doesn’t want her ex-husband back and has lost all the love for him.

Soul Jah Love and ex-wife Bounty Lisa

“I do not love Soul Jah Love anymore, I am done with him and want nothing to do with him,” said Lisa.

Bounty Lisa divorced Soul Jah love early last year on allegations that she was being abused by the Zim dancehall chanter.

She has found new love.

“I am happy now and I have moved on from my past. I don’t let my past hold me back,” she added.

Bounty Lisa and Soul Jah Love’s relationship was built on one common foundation — Zim dancehall.

The two are very passionate artistes and dominate in their own rights. At one point they were the power couple in the Zim dancehall world.

Lisa said she had even gone to extremes of cutting contacts with her ex-husband.

“We don’t talk. I have even lost his contacts because there is nothing that keeps me talking to him. He is history and he will always remain history,” she said.

Lisa broke up with Soul Jah Love on grounds that he was abusive. B-Metro