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Passion Java scoffs at claims he is making money off Soul Jah Love

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Flamboyant Prophet Passion Java says he is not benefiting anything from posthumously releasing Soul Jah Love’s music. In an interview with Nehanda Radio Managing Editor Lance Guma, Java said he had actually spent more on the projects with the late Zimdancehall icon.

During the interview Java spoke to Guma about a number of issues which included his ‘secret’ source of income, involvement with politicians and his relations with the Musaka family.

Asked on what he thought about reports that were circulating on social media that he was benefiting from releasing Soul Jah Love’s music while the late musician’s family got nothing, Java laughed at the claims saying, “zvine marii ko zvima songs zvedu izvi?.”

He said, “I liked his works since 2013 but ane manager wake and ini I don’t work with a person who has a manager cause how can I manage you, when you have a manager kuzosvika manje manje apa pa angasisina management. He is the one who approached me.

“Inini record label rangu inokupa mari yese yauono needer kubva kumba, fuel, transportation, yokubhandara ku recorder song yobhadhara video. Anoita ma thousand kaah ma video iwawa.

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“On YouTube ukaita 1 million views inokupa US$1000, video yega yega tenge tashandisa ma thousands of dollars.”

Java added that all videos that are done under his record label cost more than US$3700 and Roki’s latest video was the least expensive one hence costing US$3,7k.

“Video yatatotanga kuita nayo one million ndeya Roki iyayia but it was a cheaper budget video we used about 3.7k dollars. Saka tinozo maker mari sei?

“Vanhu ngavatiratidze kuti ndoita nepapi kuira kuti tikaziva toitawo mari napo. We help these guys people should just clap hands we do this from the heart not for the cash.

“Takutodawo kusvika kunemari because music yedu tikuda kuti tiite international maybe tichaitawo ma 100 million views tirovawo mari irinani,” he said.

Java was quizzed on what his major source of income was, the prophet refused to reveal how he makes his money saying he was getting some of his money from church but did not want to reveal what his other businesses are.

“Church ibusiness mdara ma Pastors avagoni kuzvitaura izvi. Ini munhu akawuya ku church kwangu and give me money I will accept it ndoidya. But I have other businesses, I will not mention because my business is my business and you mind your own business.

“Ini ndino dena I have haters so ndikakuwudzai ma business angu they will attack me some even ma politicians acho will want to destroy,” said Java.

Java famous for his ‘Ngenyi and Twabam’ catch phrases also addressed issues about him hanging around with the president and politicians saying he was not affiliated to any political party but was in support of progressive development for the nation. Nehanda Radio