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Man dies after hearing girlfriend eloped with another lover

By Hazel Marimbiza

Villagers in Binga were left shell shocked after a man collapsed and died soon after hearing that his girlfriend had eloped to South Africa with another lover.

rape victim file pictureTrydon Mkuli, 25, of Siachilaba Village left his homestead a week ago at around midday to see his girlfriend Janice Sithole but was shocked to find she had eloped.

The love birds had not seen each other for two months as Sithole was reportedly in South Africa at the time.

The couple is believed to have been in love for several years and it had become common for them to be seen by fellow villagers along the road arm in arm.

Trydon’s brother, James Mkuli, said his brother was in a jovial mood when he left home and was talking about how he had amassed money for the bride price.

“After hearing that Sithole was around he decided to go and see her. When he got to her home he must have been shocked to hear that she had just left for South Africa with her new lover. He then collapsed and immediately died,” said James.

He added: “As a family we were so hurt and we could not understand why he had to die in such a painful way.”

Sources that spoke to B-Metro could not comprehend Trydon’s death. They remembered him as a healthy man.

“We never heard of a day when he was taken to the hospital or complained of any illness. This is alarming and it can only be associated with the stress he had after hearing about his girlfriend,” said one source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Siachilaba councillor John Sikaboto confirmed the incident.

“I learnt with sadness of Trydon’s death and it’s a pity we do not have a clinic nearby so they failed to take him to the clinic and soon after realised he had died,” said Sikaboto. B-Metro