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Rapper T-Gonzi out of hospital

By Charmaine Chasweka

Popular rapper, Ti Gonzi, was recently discharged from Harare Central Hospital where he had been admitted, following an attack by thieves.

Ti Gonzi
Ti Gonzi

The musician was left for dead after being stabbed several times on his head and stomach, which landed him in hospital for weeks.

Ti Gonzi was attacked together with his friend while on their way home from Oskid’s Studio where they had just recorded a song.

The rapper has since recovered after going through an operation, which saved his life.

Ti Gonzi posted on his social media platforms that he is grateful to everyone who has shown care and love for him since the attack.

In one of the videos he posted, he showed his scars as he explained what transpired on the night of the robbery and thanked everyone who has been checking up on him.

“The thieves took away all my possessions I had which included money and my phone and they stabbed on my head as well as on my stomach.

“I am just really grateful to God that I am here and able to recover, I couldn’t even sit or walk or do anything but I am here now by the grace of God.

“Thanks for the well wishes, the prayers, the care the love, thanks to everyone who visited me, my friends and family.

“It really means a lot to me that a lot of people are concerned about my life, my music and everything.

“I love you all, to all my fans, I promise I will never disappoint you in terms of music and the visuals,” he said. H Metro