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Ti Gonzi refuses ‘Kupera’ … insists he’s got Zim Hip Hop under control

As one of his lines goes ‘Kudhara Kwainakidza!’ Every music lover would agree that you can not talk about Zim Hip Hop without mentioning Ti Gonzi, well at least that was the case back then.

It seems like yesterday when the self proclaimed King of Hip Hop yeku Ghetto stole the shine grabbing all the awards his hands could get, topping all the musical charts. But, all that glory suddenly turned into a story to remember.

In the midst of the ‘nhingi apera/ nhingi haacharire’ social media buzz Nehanda Radio caught up with Ti Gonzi real name Tinashe Gonzara who has seemingly lost his grip in the music industry.

Ti Gonzi
Ti Gonzi

Gonzi insists he still has everything under control and is set for a major come back in 2022.

He admitted that he hasn’t been doing well due to a number of difficulties he had to face.

“A lot of things have been happening but I have been trying my best, it wasn’t a really good year. I still have some projects that I am working on,” said Gonzi.

The Kudhara crooner insisted that although people were not feeling him at the moment, he is fully booked for the festive season and that’s a sign he still got Hip Hop under his control.

“I have been releasing and one of my latest projects is trending on YouTube. I am booked every weekend of the festive season.”

Quizzed why his music hasn’t been on rotation on local radio stations and why it’s not being played on every street corner as it used to be in 2018 and 2019, the Kure rapper attributed his challenges to having disputes with his management.

“The reason why my music has not been landing well is because I was having problems with my management and distribution team.

“Now that I’ve sorted out everything and I am in control, my people should expect a hit any time soon,” he added.

The Hip Hop fraternity in Zimbabwe is currently on the rise and it is the new cats who keep shining. Only a few have managed to hold on to the glory. Nehanda Radio