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Minister, CIO sucked in Mberengwa clinic donation drama

By Staff Reporter

The clinic donation drama which is playing itself out in Mberengwa has officially sucked in the Resident Minister of Midlands Province Larry Mavima.

NRZ board chairman Mr Larry Mavima
Larry Mavima

In a shocking turn of events, Mberengwa District CEO Milton Mambo, wrote to the local donor, Thembinkosi Dube, distancing the council from the decision by local MP Alum Mpofu, to throw away the medical donations. Even a donation of benches for patients to sit on while waiting for treatment was turned away.

Mambo went on to advise Dube to direct his donation to Minister Mavima.

“As a way forward we suggest you now direct your donation to the Resident Minister of the Midlands Province in Gweru for a faster resolution on your donation,” said Mambo in a letter he wrote to Dube on 1 April fool’s day.

The dilapidated Gwai Clinic which is visibly neglected operates with neither bandages nor pain killers from an isolated hilly and bushy environment. The clinic is also operating without electricity or decent houses for nurses.

Mambo also divulged that the CIO were also all over the issue, a development he said was complicating circumstances surrounding the donation.

“State Security Organ has intervened and council has to follow its directives on donation,” said Mambo in a rare admission of the CIO’s interest in a simple donation to Gwai Clinic by a local donor who was born at the neglected rural medical institution.

Mberengwa South Zanu PF MP Alum Mpofu (Picture by Open Parly)
Mberengwa South Zanu PF MP Alum Mpofu (Picture by Open Parly)

The Mberengwa council boss, said he does not understand why MP Mpofu ordered the return of the donations, but however accused Dube of not following the correct procedure.

“We are surprised to see an article in the social media to the effect that the donations had already reached the intended beneficiaries but had been sent back to you by the local MP for reasons Council does not know,” said Mambo.

Dube shot back at Mambo who he accused of being economic with the truth maintaining that he alerted the council in writing about his pending donation. Dube revealed his communication with Mrs Kativhu, an official at Mberengwa District Council.

Dube wrote a letter to Mrs Kativhu on 21 February announcing his decision to donate at Gwai School and Clinic. In his emailed letter Dube requested guidance on procedures he had to follow to make his donation.

“In the year 1974, I was born at Gwai Clinic and went to Gwai Primary School for my primary education. As a thank you to the community which brought me up, I would like to say thank you with donations to both the clinic and the school,” said Dube in a letter to the council dated 21 February.

Mrs Kativhu wrote back to Dube on 22 February acknowledging receipt of the donation letter.

Dube held impromptu meetings with both Mberengwa South MP Alum Mpofu and local Chief Micklot Dziva to brief them about the donation.

Dube’s brother Sibanengi expressed shock over the escalation of the issue to the Resident Minister.

“Why should we direct the bandages to Minister Mavima when people in urgent need of such a basic medical facility are here in Chingoma, Chavabuta and Mhokonye?

“Do we honestly have to meet the whole Minister to persuade him to allow us to help our relatives who have to contend with deplorable health service at Gwai Clinic where bandages are recycled?,” asked Sibanengi.

Sibanengi also wondered why members of the CIO were involved in a donation by a children of the community.

“A donation of bandages, beds and benches for use by patients can’t be classified as a state security issue even by a stretch of the wildest imagination. What exactly is the interest of these suited and dark glassed guys? Vanodei pahuku yemueni?” queried Sibanengi.

He also divulged that Mavima remained tight-lipped when he contacted him to seek clarity.

“My WhatsApp messages to him were blue ticked but were never responded to,” said Sibanengi.

Dube contested the recent elections in ward 27 under the MDC Alliance ticket. Nehanda Radio