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Zesa disconnects Gweru over $247m debt

By Sydney Mubaiwa | Masvingo Mirror |

Gweru, the country’s third largest city is grappling with a water crisis after the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) disconnected the local authority’s water treatment plant over an outstanding $247 million power bill.

Also disconnected on Tuesday is the Town House resulting in residents failing to pay rates.

The Minister of State for Midlands, Larry Mavima addressed a meeting and described the situation as worrying because the majority of residents have resorted to unprotected sources of water risking waterborne diseases.

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He urged ZETDC to restore power and avert a crisis and Gweru City Council to come up with a payment plan at the press conference also attended by The Mirror.

“I am concerned with the water shortages and urge the power utility to restore energy as a matter of urgency. I must emphasize that both electricity and water are essential commodities which our people are entitled to,” said Mavima.

Gweru Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi told a WhatsApp group that the city was facing serious financial problems and will soon be engaging debt collectors to engage residents and other stakeholders who have outstanding bills.

“We have serious financial challenges due to non-payment of bills by residents and the business community. We are engaging debt collectors so that they collect all outstanding bills”, he said.