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King Lobengula’s statue to be erected at Egodini Mall

By Kudzai Chikiwa

King Lobengula’s statue will be erected at the entrance of the planned $60 million Egodini Mall in Bulawayo to honour his legacy.

Lobengula’s spear stolen
King Lobengula

The statue, according to South African contractor, Tearracotta Private Limited (TPL), will be erected at the main entrance of the mall which will be situated at Corner Leopold Takawira and Lobengula Street.

Thulani Moyo, TPL director said the statute will be designed in a way that portrays a clear picture of the history of King Lobengula who was the last Ndebele king before colonisation.

“This mall is being built along Lobengula Street and we can’t ignore the fact that Inkosi uLobengula is a significant figure in our culture. We can’t discuss the Ndebele culture without him in the equation,” Moyo said.

“We, the people of Bulawayo owe our king a great debt for his sacrifice in making our culture stand firm and unshaken.”

King Lobengula’s legacy still stands today as Zimbabweans celebrate the life of his father King Mzilikazi – the founding father of the Ndebele nation.

Added Moyo: “Today our kids just know that King Lobengula existed through learning history and seeing pictures in textbooks, but they have never bumped into his statue.

White colonialists decided to name Lobengula Street after King Lobengula as an honour of his legacy and us as his descendants should do more to honour him.”

Prominent historian and cultural activist, Pathisa Nyathi, commended the initiative.

“This is very significant to our culture and heritage. Allow me to say that all along, Bulawayo has been a dead city.

It was not speaking anything about our culture and heritage. We cannot talk of Matabeleland without mentioning King Lobengula. We cannot discuss our culture without mentioning this great icon,” Nyathi said. The Chronicle.