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‘Zim doesn’t need tired minds’

By Blessings Mashaya

Former Energy minister Simon Khaya Moyo who is Senator for Matabeleland South yesterday said the current economic crisis needs fresh minds as the situation at hand cannot be solved by tired minds.

Simon Khaya Moyo

Speaking in Senate, Khaya Moyo said the current economic crisis needs people who work hard.

“This economy needs thinkers and doers. It is tired of tired minds. We must be constructive and focused, not be spectators. We must refuse to sleep or snore in this august House.

“Madam President, the challenges enshrined in the State-of-the Nation Address are complex and yet surmountable, if as a nation we can read and reflect in unity of purpose.”

Moyo added that government must act urgently in addressing the issue of price hikes and petrol shortages facing the country.

“The recent increase in prices of goods and services including bread by retailers is a cause for great concern.

“The appetite to profiteer at every turn, in unexplained circumstances has no justification whatsoever and the consumer deserves urgent protection. The minister, responsible has urged the retailers to reverse their prices.

“Let this happen with urgency or the law must take its full course.

“The same applies to the shortage and unwarranted pump price hikes in some areas, leading to the unacceptable queues and depressing inconvenience to the travelling public.

“An urgent solution is needed to avoid speculative conduct and illegal actors must face the full wrath of the law.”

This comes as President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Cabinet are under pressure to stop the economy from sliding back into the throes of an economic crisis similar to the 2008 hyperinflation era.

Over the past few weeks, the prices of basic commodities shot up sharply, while some goods have disappeared completely from supermarket shelves due to the country’s acute foreign currency shortages.

This has come at the same time that industry has warned that the deepening foreign currency crisis is making it difficult for manufacturers to import critical raw materials on time.

Industry, as a result, has also warned of further price hikes and shortages of basic consumer goods.

Already the country is experiencing shortages of basic goods, hospital drugs and construction materials such as cement. DailyNews

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