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‘GNU not solution but removal of Zanu PF’- Sikhala educates Komichi

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

MDC Alliance vice chairman Job Sikhala on Thursday rebuked MDC-T national chairperson Morgen Komichi telling him that a government of national unity the MDC-T is pushing for will not solve the economic crisis but that only the removal of Zanu PF from power would deliver results.

Outspoken opposition MDC MP and lawyer Job Sikhala

Speaking during an interview on ZTN, Komichi suggested that the country should avoid the upcoming 2023 elections and form a coalition government in order to address the economic challenges facing the country.

Komichi cited the years between 2008 and 2013 when the country was under a unity government saying the economic situation was stable at the time. He was sharing the panel with Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana and Sikhala.

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“2023 is very far away. People of Zimbabwe have suffered. I have told you previously that 49% of Zimbabweans are living in extreme poverty. Do you want the people of Zimbabwe to wait for the next two years in this state?

“Then I said, let me challenge you. Let’s go to the rural areas and ask them. Let’s go to the traditional leaders and ask them. Let’s go to the military camps and ask them. We can then wait for two years yet we have got a solution.

“So these other critics don’t care about people’s lives. The GNU should be put in place right now for the people of Zimbabwe to enjoy, ” Komichi said.

But Sikhala told him that the crisis was being caused by Zanu PF’s leadership and dismissed the formation of a GNU. He added that the only remedy was for Zimbabwe to come together and dethrone the ruling party.

“The inclusive government is not the solution to the authors of the 49% poverty in extreme circumstances we the people of Zimbabwe are living under. The solution to that question my brother Morgen is for the people of Zimbabwe to remove the authors of that poverty.

“That poverty has been caused by Zanu PF’s rulership of this country. The people of Zimbabwe must decisively deal with Zanu PF,” Sikhala said.

“The only solution to that is for the removal of Zanu PF from power so that poverty will never visit upon us.”

Mangwana interjected saying, “but you know it’s sanctions” while Sikhala was talking. Nehanda Radio