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Reggae musician Jah Cure facing possible 15 years in Dutch prison

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Jamaican reggae singer Jah Cure who was arrested in the Netherlands after he allegedly stabbed a promoter in the abdomen during an altercation on October 1, is now facing a possible 15 years in prison after being charged with attempted murder and assault.

Jamaican reggae singer Jah Cure
Jamaican reggae singer Jah Cure

The singer is being held without bail and is facing up to 15 years in prison as he’s charged with attempted murder and assault.

The star was previously convicted for rape more than a decade ago but only served 8 of the 13 year sentence handed down due to successful parole application.

This time around he’s at the risk of being locked up for a long time if he is convicted in the Netherlands. He was on a European tour prior to his arrest. The alleged incident occurred at Dam Square, Amsterdam.

The incident has since been confirmed by the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, however, the body has not disclosed any further details as a result of privacy restrictions.

Jah Cure real name Siccature Alcock is facing charges of: suspicion of attempted murder, aggravated assault, attempted manslaughter. The promoter, Nicardo Blake also known as Papa, owner of Roots Vibes Promotion was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery.

Meanwhile Jah Cure was ordered to remain in custody without bail for 14 days while the police continued with investigations. Cure’s lawyer, Donahue Martin has said he didn’t have enough information about the matter but wished a favorable outcome for his client.

“For anybody I have represented, it is always regrettable for them to be in custody, but I can’t apply my mind to it because I don’t know enough. The information we’re getting from there is quite skeletal, but I am hoping for the best for him,” said Martin. Nehanda Radio