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Lady Squanda charmed by Vic Falls

By Leonard Ncube

ZIMDANCEHALL singer Lady Squanda says she has fallen in love with Victoria Falls after fans showed her love during her show here on Friday evening.

Lady Squanda
Lady Squanda

Lady Squanda played for two hours at Comfort Pub and Grill and left fans clamouring for more after a sterling performance.

The repented queen of Zimdancehall was backed by show organiser Fidelis Isaac, popularly known as DJ Fidel who also did not disappoint on the decks.

Squanda’s song Reality was the song of the night as fans kept requesting her to perform it over and over again. Songs Ndinovhaira and Rudo Rwaunondipa featuring Darula also proed popular.

Speaking after the show, Lady Squanda said she was happy to have performed in Victoria Falls.

“Dance ranga rakanyanya, vanhu veku Victoria Falls vakapenga. (It was a good show and Victoria Falls fans are amazing). I’m very happy with the hospitality from the promoter and the people here,” she said.

“The show went very well. As you can see it was a full house and I’ll definitely be back soon.” After Lady Squanda’s performance, DJ Fidel further entertained patrons with his diverse selection of music for about an hour before calling it a night.

He said: “I think it was a good show considering that it’s hard to penetrate Victoria Falls which is a predominantly House music area, but we did well.”

Born Sandra Gazi, Lady Squanda has over the past year been rebuilding her life and career following a tiff with comedian-cum-chanter, Abra Skimbo. Last year she released the album Reality chronicling her repentance from a controversial music life of violent tiffs with other musicians. The Chronicle.