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Oscar Pambuka readies to release Zimdancehall album

By Tonderai Zvimba

Eminent newscaster and entrepreneur Oscar Pambuka, who is now a Zimdancehall artiste, will be launching his debut singles album on Friday.

Oscar Pambuka (left) with other Zimdancehall artistes
Oscar Pambuka (left) with other Zimdancehall artistes

Titled “Moto Wega Wega”, Pambuka who was named the Zimdancehall patron in 2013 has more than five singles to date including a track called Hukama that features Zimdancehall artiste Kinnah of the Musombo fame. The song has a video which was well received by many Zimdancehall lovers.

Pambuka said since then, he has been working closely with Kinnah, better known as “Mr Mbare”, in his newly found musical journey.

“Kinnah is indeed a spiritual brother, music mentor and a good friend of mine.

“We interact daily and the track we recorded together was just a stamp from the heavens because up to now, I’m taken aback by the quality product.

“Kinnah is gifted lyrically and he’s one of the best composers the country has. Working together becomes a paramount symbiotic affair destined for dizzy heights,” said Pambuka.

The up-and-coming artiste added: “Zimdancehall is the leading music genre at the moment and it has the power of penetration as compared to other music genres.

“The song I’ve just done with Kinnah will be released when my singles album is showcased this Friday.” The Chronicle