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Oscar Pambuka says powerful political elites smuggling drugs into Zimbabwe

A few days after being sent to jail for six years over a 2018 fraud involving USD$12 650, a video has emerged of former ZBC television presenter Oscar Pambuka claiming that powerful political elites are behind smuggling of drugs into the country.

With many people expressing shock at the length of the sentence compared to other cases involving more money, a video by Ghetto Crown King, sees the You Tube channel interview Pambuka on the scourge of drugs amongst “ghetto youths’ in the country.

The prominent broadcaster boldly states that it was wrong for authorities to only blame the youths for using drugs without arresting the powerful elites who are smuggling the substances into the country.

Pambuka who is also into Zimdancehall promotion dismissed allegations that the genre is sponsoring alcoholism and drugs.

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“The issue of drugs needs a holistic approach. It’s not about the youths only, adults are also abusing drugs. Alcoholism is also a problem. So, when we talk about drugs, we must not act like we only want to arrest the youths. We should help them because they are mentally challenged.

“It’s wrong to say Zimdancehall is a haven of drug abuse. No. Drugs are used by everyone including those in businesses and transport. So, the nation needs to address it from the root where these drugs are coming from, rather than addressing customers.”

He added: “You need to ask yourself these questions, who is behind mutoriro in this country? How is it getting into the country?

“The country has 16 million people. Perhaps those buying drugs are 1 million. How then do you arrest 1 million people?”

“Let’s arrest the person bringing those drugs. That is what I believe.”

Crystal methamphetamine, commonly referred to as mutoriro in street lingo, is a dangerous drug derived from methylenedioxymethamphetamine which was already listed in Part II of the Schedule in the Dangerous Drugs Act and so anyone found dealing in the drug or even just possessing it is liable for prosecution.

Its however believed that powerful people linked to the ruling Zanu PF party are smuggling the drugs into country and enjoying protection from arrest and prosecution.