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Koffi, Alick and Winky D: What a cocktail

By Ralston Muchoko

KOFFI Olomide, Alick Macheso and Winky D sharing the stage in a 5000-seater venue is certainly an overkill – but not according to organisers of the concert.KOFFI Olomide, Alick Macheso and Winky D sharing the stage in a 5000-seater venue is certainly an overkill – but not according to organisers of the concert.


“This gig marks our grand arrival on the promotions circuit having made another massive entrance onto the showbiz scene a few years ago with stages of various sizes, lighting and sound,” said Sound Blaze operations manager, Calisto Murawo.

Sound Blaze, a registered promoter with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, promises bigger “game-changing” shows in the near future.

While many event organisers and some musicians may be familiar with Sound Blaze and their initial business of providing technical equipment, they are still a new and unfamiliar name to show-goers.

Will Zimbabweans trust these “newcomers” to pull off a show of this magnitude?

“We have been quietly promoting local upcoming talent. But our entry into showbiz was through supplying, designing and operating technical equipment for various occasions.

“These include corporate functions, live music tours, festivals, sporting events, church conferences, gala dinners, promotional events and even political campaigns,” said Murawo.

He added: “So this is not new territory at all and Zimbabweans need not fear our newness. We have very deep roots in the local entertainment industry and we are here to see it grow and hopefully help take it to another level.

“Although our speciality is providing stages, sound systems, lighting and audio visual services – we also now understand what the artiste needs when on stage and how the audience member who has parted ways with hard-earned money wants to see the performance on stage. It’s a unique understanding of show organising.”

Are Zimbabwean music lovers about to experience a different kind of event come August 3?

“Definitely! The stage will be unique. The sound will be tailored for the venue and type of music.

“And there will be music and lights synchronisation to give the audience the best live show experience possible. It is going to be international.”

With Ginimbi’s rhumba experiment having fallen flat on its face – will Koffi bring the spark which Fally Ipupa forgot to carry with him when he came to Harare?

“Koffi Olomide is the rhumba king, the artiste that every Zimbabwean music lover knows. Ever since his last visit at the Harare International Carnival, music lovers have been asking for him to make a comeback. We have listened to the fans’ requests and positively responded to their call to bring one of the most celebrated artistes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and he is bringing a 24-member outfit for this explosive concert.”

Born Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba in DRC, Koffi Olomide (61), is a singer, composer, and dancer. He is the founder of Quartier Latin International Orchestra with many famous artistes behind it. Koffi Olomide earned several awards both in DRC and at international level.

The soukus singer was part of the Papa Wemba musical in the early ’80s. Koffi was proclaimed the king of Rhumba in 2016 after the death of Papa Wemba.

He is one of the most popular Congolese and African singers who has toured in many countries around the world performing his music. He has more than 10 albums and a number of collaborations, Sunday Mail.