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Satanism scare at Manunure High

A student teacher at Manunure High School in Kwekwe has fled the school after angry parents besieged the school in an attempt to beat him up, accusing him of being a member of a Satanism cult that was out to initiate pupils.

Manunure High School
Manunure High School

The student teacher (name withheld) fled the school before assessment after a girl continued calling his name whenever she went into a trance at the school.

Midlands provincial education officer Ms Agness Gudo confirmed the incident, saying they had launched an investigation into the matter.

“Yes, we received such a matter and my team is currently seized with the matter,” she said.
“As we speak, they are on the ground trying to get to the bottom of the matter.”

Although Ms Gudo could not be drawn into divulging more information, she rubbished the satanism story, saying the pupil involved had a long history of being sick and would often fall into a trance.

A teacher who talked to our Midlands Bureau on condition of anonymity said the situation had become so serious that it would disturb lessons across the school.

“Pupils, especially girls, would suddenly go hysterical and start doing funny things whenever the teacher entered the classroom for a lesson,” he said.

“But the girl in question would call the teacher’s name even in his absence.
“She would fall down and slither like a snake and shout out the teacher’s name continuously.
“She would do it in a way that would scare other children and it affected the learning of most pupils.

“Parents then teamed up and the teacher ran for dear life.”
The teacher, who refused to be named, said since his colleague unceremoniously left the school, the girl was said to be normal and no report was made in respect of the other girls. The Herald