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Tazvida set for Mozambique return

By Vasco Chaya

Smoko musician Isaac Tazvida, who set up a base in Mozambique a decade ago before returning home last year, will return to Zimbabwe’s Eastern neighbour for two shows later this month.

Isaac Tazvida

Tazvida, brother to late music star System, who died in 1999, has been invited to perform at that country’s independence gala scheduled for Chitima Stadium in Tete.

Mozambique is celebrating 42 years of majority rule as the southern African country attained her independence on June 25, 1975.

Tazvida told the Daily News that he was looking forward to returning to Mozambique.

“It is more like returning home. In addition to the independence gala, we will also perform at Chocusiya Bar on June 24,” he said.

He added that he will capitalise on sungura’s popularity in Mozambique.

“I used to perform in Mozambique and people there love sungura music.

“Being invited to entertain people during the independence celebrations is a big honour for me. It also shows the strength of the smoko brand beyond Zimbabwe’s borders,” Tazvida said, adding that he feels duty-bound to revive the music popularised by his brothers.

“During System Tazvida’s days, I was not very much into music. I devoted most of my time to my career as an agricultural extension officer.  Since Peter and System are both late, I have a responsibility to revive the music brand associated with my family.”

Late last year, Tazvida teamed up with former members of the late System Tazvida’s band — Lucky Mumiriki and Lee Roy Lunga — to release an album titled Smoko Revival Zvachose.

But the trio’s project has since collapsed.

“It is very sad that we had to go separate ways. Despite the separation, I am forging ahead and the future is looking bright for me,” he said. Daily News