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Tazvida revives ‘Smoko’ music

By Vasco Chaya

Isaac Tazvida has vowed to revive the once popular ‘‘Smoko’’ music’ founded by his late brother System Tazvida even though he has met several reverses in his attempt so far.

Isaac Tazvida

Tazvida told the Daily News at the City Sports Bar on Monday when he briefly performed at the Harare joint’s weekly event, Jam Session that he is to blame for the dearth of the family legacy.

“I bear the blame for the death of my brothers’ music legacy even though it was never my wish to see it dying.

“During System’s days, I was not serious about music but rather enjoyed pursuing agriculture. When he and Peter (Tazvida) died, I did not seriously take it upon myself to uphold the family music legacy that had built into a formidable brand; that’s when I lost it,” said the holder of a diploma in Agricultural Engineering.

“I spent most of the time working in Mozambique and South Africa hence that is how the music family legacy crumbled.”

‘‘Smoko’’ fans in South Africa “forced” him to come back home to revive the genre.

“I sacrificed my family for the ‘Smoko’ revival project. I left my wife and three children, in South Africa and it’s now close to a year without seeing them. It is hard but I am optimistic that things will work in my favour,” Tazvida, who is staying in Chitungwiza with Barbara, widow to the late System said.

“Since I came back, I have devised a number of strategies in order to revive the legacy. I have teamed up with the surviving genre founders such as Lucky Mumiriki and Lee Roy Lunga among others,” he said.

Mumiriki, Lunga and Tazvida released a joint album called Smoko Revival Zvachose late last year but, the trio have since gone on separate ways.

“Despite the separation, I am forging ahead and the future is looking bright for me,” he said.

At the jam session, Tazvida shared the stage with another ‘‘Smoko’’ musician Fanuel Gwenya of Boys DzeYoba, Zimdancehall songstress Lindsay, Mostaff, sungura artiste Sir Nato and afro-fusion musicians such as Agga Nyabinde, Pamsin, Rishon Murandu, Progress Chipfumo, Ba Shupi and Talking Guitars among others. Daily News