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‘Hit man’ claims hubby was to fund operation

By Tarisai Machakaire

The trial of a Harare woman who allegedly hired a hit man to murder her lover’s wife continued yesterday with the suspected contract killer revealing that the husband was supposed to fund the operation.

Judith Makwara is answering to charges of conspiracy to commit murder before Harare regional magistrate Temba Kuwanda.

The complainant is Charity Muzorewa, Lovejoy Tirivepi’s wife and the two are pastors at Lead Ministry International.

When the trial commenced yesterday, Clover Musariri — a karate trainer — narrated how he was introduced to Makwara by one of his former students Keith Vera before being briefed about the mission.

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“When I met the accused person, she told me that she wanted Charity beaten to death and her driver Tinashe would not be killed but thoroughly beaten because he was spreading rumours about her affairs,” Musariri said.

“She offered $2 000 and said she wanted to call (pastor) Lovejoy in America to request for the money.

“The accused person told him that she had finally found a person who could beat Charity to death hence needed to make payment.

“Lovejoy responded that he was having challenges to access the money and that was when Makwara said she could give me $1 000 and settle the balance after the assassination. I left her car at that moment and told her that I was not going to take up the task because we were not taught to kill in karate.”

Musariri was blasted by Makwara’s lawyer Rungano Mahuni for fabricating the evidence after he continuously changed statements in court.

Prosecutor Chipo Matambo alleged that on April 14 around 12pm, Muzorewa received a phone call from Musariri who informed her that he had been assigned by Makwara to kill her.

It was alleged that Musariri then requested to meet with Muzorewa but she refused fearing for her life and filed a police report the following day relying on the phone call she had received.

Muzorewa states that she became aware that Makwara was having an adulterous affair with her husband and believed that to be the motive behind the murder plot.

It is further stated that Muzorewa fears that since the first murder plot failed, Makwara may find new hit men that are not as moral as Musariri to kill her. Daily News