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An epistle to Godfrey Tsenengamu

By William Muchayi

It is with great sadness brother that I learnt about your incarceration following a press conference at which you are alleged to have attacked the First Family and Dr Amai (Grace Mugabe) in particular.

Godfrey Tsenengamu, the former ruling Zanu PF youth chairman for Mashonaland Central
Godfrey Tsenengamu, the former ruling Zanu PF youth chairman for Mashonaland Central

Alas, since when has it become a crime to express a personal opinion and only for the views to be construed as subversion, an intent to overthrow a constitutionally-elected government? That is as far as my sympathy goes Godfrey as it fast fades away the closer I scrutinise your cause.

Since when did you come to the realisation that Dr Amai (Grace Mugabe) is not presidential material?  Was it prior to or after your expulsion from the ruling party and if it happens to be the latter, is it a case of sour grapes?  

With due respect Godfrey, few people outside your Lacoste cabal sympathise with you, for, by pushing Gushungo (Mugabe) over the cliff only to install Ngwena (Mnangagwa) on the throne is as futile an effort equivalent to the folly of giving a baboon goggles so that it wins a beauty contest as the two are tainted.  

Indeed, you have been a beneficiary of the corrupt system that has reduced millions of innocent citizens into paupers beside the fact that it is bootlickers like you and fellow paratroopers in Zanu PF who first gave Grace the false impression that she is presidential material. What has really changed now which you didn’t see then beside your expulsion from the sinking titanic? Your cause is parochial and guided by self- serving motives and as a result few lose sleep over the whole drama.

On watching your videos, you don’t appear to be unintelligent although on closer scrutiny, you resemble Julius Malema and Temba Mliswa, individuals defined by anger, aggression and academic deficiency spiced with dictatorial traits.

With all these characteristics, it becomes laughable when you pour scorn on Dr Amai let alone her husband, for, you share a lot in common. In fact, throughout your speech, you make no effort  to galvanise Team Lacoste cadres to call for an elective extraordinary congress from which a new leader is  to be elected except that your detractors shouldn’t touch the ‘’anointed successor.’

It then begs the question as to who was involved in the anointing ceremony, when and where did it happen? My dear brother, in as much as I rarely agree with Jonathan Moyo’s views most of the time, I find the latter’s  anger justified as he lashes out at  your cabal for its bizarre and myopic idea of Mnangagwa’s entitlement to the throne.

In any case, as Moyo justifiably argues, do Zanu PF members have a constitutional or divine right to support VP Mnangagwa’s presidential ambitions? On this premise, why is it that Emerson Mnangagwa is reluctant to tussle it out in a free and fair contest against other aspirants to the throne including Dr Amai as and when the position falls vacant?

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Are there serious flaws in Ngwena that Team Lacoste fanatics like you and others fear could derail his presidential ambitions in a free and fair contest even against the infamous Dr Amai at Congress? And what about Phelekezela Mphoko who should also be given a chance to contest for the post as and when a vacancy arises?

Godfrey, in as much as I sympathise with your plight, you are out of order just like Christopher Mutsvangwa, Douglas Mahiya and the shadowy Nathaniel Manheru to be of the opinion that Ngwena has a right to the throne.

As a brotherly advice, I urge you to set aside your differences with Jonathan Moyo and approach him in case he might disclose his reasons for abandoning your godfather in the race to succeed Mugabe.

In his own words, the professor admits that he learnt his ‘’lessons in the infamous so-called Tsholotsho Declaration and repeating that history would be a farce.’’ Godfrey, what do you think Moyo learnt from this dark episode?  And, isn’t he the same Ngwena, typical of a chameleon , a trait that has defined his political career who has the guts to label you and other Lacoste fanatics as ‘’mad young people’’ just born after independence?

Listen brother, you have become a pawn in the game of chess between Ngwena and Gushungo and you can’t escape from this trap without bruises sezvo zvisingaiti kutakura hata yeunye worega  kuvaviwa kana kutsika chiva chorega kukuruma.  

Is it any  wonder that Mandi Chimene now blows her trumpet from the East calling for your godfather’s arrest, for, in her eyes, you are a ‘’boy’’ who is too young to have come up with such a ‘sophisticated’ plan to overthrow a constitutionally-elected government?  

It implies that by incarcerating you on trumped up charges, they are at the same time squeezing Ngwena’s balls with pliers thereby exposing the latter’s powerlessness in the eyes not only of his followers but the world at large.  

Look Godfrey how the drama will unfold. After humiliating the First Family in public, they are on the offensive, hence, your arrest and subsequent incarceration. They will torture you at will for expressing a democratic right that is construed as an act of subversion to justify your ill-treatment.

By the time the courts will give you back your freedom, they will have taken their revenge and the case will drag on and on for ages draining you not only mentally but financially.

On the other hand, Ngwena will disown you as a rogue element within the team as he fights not only for his survival but to reignite his presidential ambitions now on the line. As I advised before, that is the moment you might need advice from Jonathan Moyo and set your differences aside.

In fact, I totally agree with you that Grace Mugabe is not a presidential material and so is your godfather Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. Remember Godfrey that your idol has been in office since 1980 and he can’t exonerate himself from the rot the country finds itself in today. And, from Gukurahundi to the 2007-8 atrocities, what part did he play?

The guy has a soiled image and flies are all over him as he stinks.  

Millions of Zimbabweans would have rallied behind you upon your incarceration had it been that your cause transcends petty factional fights within your party, for, the struggle should have been about the democratisation of the country as opposed to a myopic support for a Mnangagwa presidential ambition.

Grow up brother and get counted by rallying your Lacoste fanatics to call for an extraordinary congress from which a successor is to be elected. Your godfather Ngwena should square it off against other contestants including Dr Amai rather than parrot the tired anointed narrative that is cheap.

William Muchayi is a pro-democracy campaigner who can be contacted on [email protected]