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‘Sterile’ man’s wife refuses DNA test

By Cynthia Dube

A woman from Burnside suburb in Bulawayo shocked a court when she refused to have a paternity test done on her two children after her husband claimed to be sterile.

The drama unfolded after Ms Anacleta Tshuma (30) filed for maintenance against Davy Ndlovu (52) seeking $340 for the upkeep of their two children aged seven and five last Friday.

Ms Tshuma exploded when the magistrate, Mr Felix Mkhwananzi, said the couple should go for a paternity test asking who would take care of her two children if they turned out not to be her husband’s.

“Are you going to assist me to look for the father of the children if he (Ndlovu) discovers that he is not the father? Is he going to change my children`s surname because they are using his surname. Who will take care of the children then?” she asked.

Ms Tshuma said Ndlovu was an irresponsible man and was not contributing to the upkeep of his children.

“Your Worship, l left this man in 2010 because he was not supporting our children. I need the money to buy food, clothes, medication and pay school fees for our children,” she said.

Ndlovu told the magistrate that he had failed to have a child in the first 43 years of his life and ended up seeking medical attention outside of the country.

He said a medical report revealed that he was infertile.

“I know that these are not my children but because of the love l have for her, l have been paying school fees and buying clothes. Since she decided to drag me to this court l want to show her that she is not clever. I demand a paternity test to be carried out next week,” Ndlovu said.

“These are not my children. I was failing to impregnate a woman and then in 2008 when l was 43-years-old l went to Thailand to seek medical attention. The doctors told me that I’m infertile. I got married to this woman but l didn’t tell her my condition. l kept it secret.”

He said he has been maintaining the children and his wife but last week she left their matrimonial home after she hit his mother with a bottle of cooking oil for no apparent reason.

Ndlovu offered $150 for the upkeep of the children, saying he would sue Ms Tshuma for the money if the children turned out not to be his.

There was further drama after court when Ms Tshuma allegedly disappeared without signing papers to authorise the paternity test. The Chronicle