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Double murder and Suicide: Wife, stepson killer uses wire to hang self

By Walter Mswazie

A man from Chivi allegedly butchered his wife and one-year-old stepson before hanging himself in a locked bedroom following a row over infidelity, police confirmed yesterday.

Three bodies belonging to Lovemore Gwatipedza, his wife Kudzai Matsa and stepson Partson Manhungiri, all of Murembwa Village under Headman Madyangove in Chivi, were found in the family’s matrimonial bedroom by a neighbour.

The incident happened at about 11.30AM on Saturday.

Gwatipedza’s stepson and his wife’s bodies were found in a pool of blood on the bed while he was found hanging from the roof after he allegedly used a wire to commit suicide.

Acting Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa confirmed the incident and said the three bodies were taken to Chivi District Hospital mortuary for post-mortem.

“We’ve received a case of double murder and sudden death by hanging which occurred on Saturday in Chivi. The bodies of the three were taken to Chivi Hospital mortuary for post-mortem,” he said.

Insp Dehwa said an axe and knife suspected to be the murder weapons were recovered at the scene by police.

“There was a sign that Gwatipedza could have forced a nail into his neck as it was stuck into his flesh. We also found a blood stained axe and knife in the room. These could have been the weapons Gwatipedza used to kill his stepson and wife before he hanged himself. Gwatipedza had a deep cut on the neck, so were Matsa and Partson,” he said.

A villager who spoke on condition of anonymity said Gwatipedza and Matsa quarrelled on Friday evening over allegations of infidelity with the former accusing his wife of having affairs with a number of men.

The source said the infidelity allegations triggered the killings and suicide.

“On Saturday at around 11.30 AM, a neighbour, Ms Sheila Runyanga visited the late Gwatipedza’s homestead but found the doors to the family’s bedroom locked from inside. She peeped through the key hole and saw the keys hanging. She knocked on the door but no one responded,” said the villager.

Ms Runyanga then went to a broken window and again peeped through, only to see Matsa and Partson’s bodies on the bed.

The villager said Ms Runyanga called out Gwatipedza’s name to no avail.

She also allegedly called his mobile phone but there was no response.

She reported the matter to the village head and police were alerted leading to the discovery of the three bodies. The Chronicle