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Murder and arson. . . Cheating wife axes sleeping husband, burns body

By Walter Mswazie

A 33-year-old woman from Masvingo allegedly axed her husband to death before burning the body beyond recognition.

Joseph Marisa

An enraged Mavis Madenga of Madenga village under Chief Mugabe allegedly committed the blood-curdling murder after her husband accused her of having extra-marital affairs with several villagers, including his uncle.

She allegedly woke up in the wee hours of Saturday morning, grabbed an axe and struck Joseph Marisa (40) who was fast asleep, thrice in the head. Marisa, neighbours said, screamed once and died on the spot.

Madenga had allegedly admitted in church that she had slept with six men outside marriage.

Acting Masvingo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa said the incident occurred on Saturday at around 3 AM.

He said Madenga followed up the cold blooded killing by setting the bedroom hut on fire, burning her husband’s body.

She allegedly evacuated the couple’s six children from the hut before setting it on fire.

Asst Insp Dehwa said police had arrested Madenga and she was assisting them with investigations.

“I can confirm receiving a report of murder and arson involving a wife and husband. The wife allegedly axed her husband to death following a domestic dispute emanating from allegations of infidelity involving the wife. She then set their matrimonial bedroom hut alight and the husband’s body was burnt beyond recognition in the inferno,” he said.

Asst Insp Dehwa said police had taken what remained of Marisa’s body to Masvingo General Hospital Mortuary for post-mortem.

The Chronicle caught up with Marisa’s family as they awaited clearance to take the body home for burial, at Masvingo Police Central.

A family spokesperson who is also Marisa’s mother, Ms Colleta Chisvo (59), said the couple fought on Friday at around 9 PM.

“A heated argument arose after Madenga threw a cell phone handset into a blair toilet. My son suspected she was concealing evidence of infidelity as he had demanded to see the phone,” said Ms Chisvo.

“She wanted to conceal evidence of her shenanigans as she was accused of engaging in extra-marital affairs with different men in the village including Marisa’s uncle.

“The couple’s dispute lasted until midnight when the two sounded as if they had made up. The infidelity allegations had arisen from a church meeting that the couple had attended. Madenga was asked why she was engaging in extra-marital affairs. The wife was also accused of seeing my son’s uncle and she confessed that she had slept with a total of six men in the village,” she said.

After killing Marisa, Ms Chisvo said, Madenga made two attempts to set the hut ablaze but failed only to succeed on the third attempt.

Ms Chisvo said the bedroom hut was engulfed in flames and the thatched roof caved in, burning Marisa’ body beyond recognition.

She said Madenga screamed after the fire had consumed her husband, attracting the attention of a neighbour Mr Bernard Munodawafa who rushed to the scene.

She said her son’s body had exploded and his intestines were strewn around the hut.

Villagers allegedly questioned Madenga on what had transpired but she failed to give a satisfactory response and a report was made to Nemamwa Police.

Preliminary investigations led to Madenga’s arrest. The Chronicle