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Makandiwa prophecies oil reserves in Zimbabwe

By Fatima Bulla

HARARE – United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa says that Zimbabwe has rich oil reserves that will catapult the country to economic success.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Speaking at his church’s prayer meeting dubbed “Judgment Night 3” at the National Sports Stadium on Friday, Prophet Makandiwa said he had seen the reserves in a vision.

The prophet drew wild cheers from the packed 60 000-seater stadium as he added that people will realise that he is a true man of God when this vision comes to pass.

In attendance were senior Government officials, parliamentarians, church leaders, businesspeople and international delegates.

An electric atmosphere engulfed the venue as vuvuzela and whistle-blowing congregates filled it up as early as 5pm. The delirium heightened when Prophet Makandiwa and his wife, Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa walked in an hour before midnight.

Prophet Makandiwa said: “I saw something happening here and I’m trying to see how it is going to be understood. By this you will know that if you have heard a joke before in the same area, this is not a joke.

‘‘But I’m seeing something. I’m seeing oil coming out of our grounds. Just in case you think I’m guessing, I will tell you the place no one knows about so you know that in this nation, there is a prophet from God.

“I was taken by the Spirit of the Lord and we did a survey. You see, when you are taken up in the Spirit and you look down, you begin to see places that were once far away from each other getting closer and closer to each other.”

He added: “And the more altitude you take, you see everything become one. And I saw in the Spirit our forefathers spending a lot of money looking for this precious oil that I have mentioned. But I saw them in the Spirit, I saw like a diversion.

‘‘I saw our fathers following a very big river, and from the skies I looked down, and I saw them looking for something here, looking for something there. But they were following a very big river.

“And the Lord said to me, ‘Are they going to find it? If they find it, is it enough for the problems that you have?’ ‘‘And then I kept on looking and the Lord said to me, ‘They can continue, but let me take you to the place. I will take you to the place.’

‘‘When I was taken to the place, I saw the sons of the fathers mining in a different place.” Prophet Makandiwa went on, “I saw a generation, maybe that’s not your generation, maybe it is the next generation, maybe it is our sons.

‘‘I saw them in a place and I saw oil coming out of that place. I was made to touch the ground and when I was lifted finally from the place, oil was all over my body. And the Lord said, ‘There is much of it in this place. But did I see you there or your sons there?’ But I saw the place.

“As you are blowing those horns, I saw machines in that place, and these machines were very huge and they had pipes like an elephant going into the ground. ‘‘And machines were all over the place and the machines were very big with structures like elephants and they were sucking oil from the ground.” The Sunday Mail