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‘King Zwelithini was never invited to Zimbabwe’

BULAWAYO – South Africa’s Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini was never invited to Zimbabwe despite reports claiming he was scheduled to attend a three-day jamboree in the mining town of Gwanda, which started on Friday.

King Goodwill Zwelithini
King Goodwill Zwelithini

The event was set to include about 102 gospel artistes jetting in from South Africa to perform at a free-of-charge show to be held at Pelandaba Stadium and the official opening of a new 1 000-seater Brethren-in-Christ Church.

Zulu royal family spokesperson Prince Thulani Zulu however rubbished the reports of the intended visit alleging that no one had contacted them or invited any member of the royal family to Zimbabwe.

“We were actually surprised when we heard of this issue, there was never such an arrangement and no one ever contacted us. However, I must hasten to say that we did not develop cold feet as is being suggested in some circles.

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“The king was simply never invited. If King Zwelithini today decides to go to Zimbabwe he will go because the King travels any place where he wants to,” Prince Zulu said.

A South Africa-based businessman, who is the sponsor of the three-day jamboree, Mr. Justice Maphosa distanced himself from the matter claiming that whoever had confirmed the issue had overstepped his authority.

“Simply, the King is not coming. However, what should be noted is that whether the king attends is neither here nor there because this is only about the church and spreading the word of God, we simply want to celebrate the opening of the church’s building.

Reports of King Zwelithini visiting Zimbabwe did not go down well with many in the community blaming his inflammatory remarks for the xenophobic violence that cost the lives of many foreigners including Zimbabweans in South Africa.

“The time is now for us to have a say. I would like to ask the South African government to help us. We must deal with our own lice. In our heads, let’s take out the ants and leave them in the sun. We are asking that immigrants must take their bags and go where they come from,” King Zwelithini said at the time.