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A response to Magaya on Vapositori

Vapositori, Mweya yetsvina and the Bible: a response to Mr Walter Magaya

By Madzibaba Tawona

Prophetic Healing Ministries (PHD) leader Mr Walter Magaya has released a book! Its title, Marine Spirits, Mweya Yemumvura: Teaching by Prophet W Magaya. First and foremost, congratulations to the young man, he has joined the bandwagon of Zimbabwean authors.

Walter Magaya
Walter Magaya

Information about the publication was provided courtesy of online news site Nehanda Radio, dated 23rd January 2015 by (Daily News) reporter Mugove Tafirenyika. The news site carried an article with excerpts from Mr Magaya’s book.

I have not seen or read the book myself, but am comfortable in trusting what Mugove Tafirenyika extracted and reported online.

Below are some of the excerpts,

  •   Vapositori, as they are popularly known, are derived from spirits that reside in the marine kingdom and that they don’t read the bible.
  •   Apostolic preachers have a propensity to threaten congregants with death
  •   It is from these Orion and Leviathan spirits of the marine kingdom where false, non-Biblebelieving whiute garment churches (mapositori ekumasowe) are derived.
  •   It is also unfortunate that many people have been deceived to follow or visit these kinds ofshrines (masowe) in an effort to go over their problems, yet to no avail.
  •   Many people who have visited these non-Bible believing churches have had their problemsworsened while others have been permanently hooked to them after receiving various continuous serious threats including death (zviga zverufu netsaona) thereby becoming members.
  •   Magaya claims that 80% of the white garment Apostolic sects do not use the Bile and for those who use it, they do so for deceptive purposes.Let me begin by introducing myselfNdinonzi Madzibaba Tawona, of Johane Masowe yeChishanu, a religious apostolic sect that was Revealed to the late Baba Sixpence Shonhiwa vekwaGandanzara kwaRusape back in 1929 although many people mistakenly put the dates for 1931.The Holy Spirit renamed him Johane Masowe weChishanu because our Sabbath Day is from mid afternnon Thursday throught Friday, the new Religion was named Johane Masowe yeChishanu. These names were all revealed by God Himself not the Messenger. Ndinobva kuBuhera kwaChirozva kwaChief Nyashanu. I’m in Australia for almost a decade now.

    We do not read the bible. We have never needed it. We will never need it! The explanation given by the Holy Spirit was/ is that, the bible in its form, is not the true Word of God.

    Besides, since the Holy Spirit came to us and is with us, we do not need to read from written records when we can readily consult and be provided with reliable immediate responses the same way it happened with those to whom the Holy Spirit first visited in the Middle East.

    It is the issue of reading or not reading the bible which makes the substance matter of my response to Mr Magaya’s book which I must state is poorly penned and virtually lacks the humility of a humble convert based on the few excerpts quoted above. I shall detail why.

    For now, let me start by saying Mr Magaya raised a valid concern on the issue of people being told and threatened with death by some but not many prophets. Indeed, some prophets have made such claims and that is wrong and against the founding doctrine of the Religion that was revealed to the Messenger of God.

    The Masowe Religion is there for salvific healing the flesh and spirit, counselling and salvation not threatening, intimidating or holding people captive to the religion. People who visit our prayer sites should be free to make a choice to convert or not.

    The Lord does not hold grudges with them for making choices. It is men with their wickedness who act that way.

Under the Laws of our Religion, revealed in 1936 as Dare raJakopo (The Court or Constitution of Jacob) that was revealed to the late Madzibaba Edson Chokururama vekuMutedza kwaNgwerume, Murehwa, we are sternly discouraged from using water lilies (hapa), rock pebbles (nhombo), carved reeds (zvipiyaniso zvetsanga), all forms of wooden carvings (zvivezwa zvemihacha or mibhestreji), prayer shrines constructed out of rocks and stones (kirawa), give false or intimidating prophesies or wear garments of different colours from white or garments with decorations of any kind.

We are NOT supposed to be baptised as yet. I repeat, no baptism as yet, because the Lord has not yet revealed the River, the Baptist and the prayers required for that to happen. We only wait patiently and prayerfully for instructions, we don’t name ourselves or choose rivers-The Lord does. Doing anything without instruction from Him is tantamount to worshipping deities and the Lord detests that!

So for raising issues around threats and use of earthly decorations around prayer shrines, I agree that Mr Magaya has a very valid point and thanks for raising it because that has allowed me time to sit down and clarify on the matter.

But evidently, Mr Magaya’s knowledge of Johane Masowe yeChishanu is based on superficial dogma. I ask him to research more about Dare raJakopo to find more value about the dignity of this beautiful Religion.

For the record, Dare raJakopo is not a breakaway fragment of Johane Masowe, it simply refers to the Laws of plain worshipping in Johane Masowe without holding or using any artefacts. I leave this subject for another day.

All introductions and protocols observed, let me return to the gist of my article. Mr Magaya unequivocally makes a concerted declaration that because Johane Masowe yeChishanu does not read the bible, the religion is therefore one of Marine spirits/ Mweya yetsvina. Here starts the problem, and all gloves off!

The bible is NOT and has never been the true Word of God! Below is why and to stay on course with Mr Magaya, I will quote only from his bible.

The name of the Book

The Christian reference book is called the bible. It is the guide that almost all Christian believers refer to for preaching, counselling, rebuking and inspiring. Christians believe the book was revealed by God period! Dear reader, remember I explained about the revelations to Baba Sixpence Shonhiwa who was renamed Johane Masowe by God?

In the entire Masowe yeChishanu Religion, the name Johane Masowe is mentioned, sung and interpreted. Similarly, to quote from the bible, when the Lord chose Abram the son of Terah to be his main servant to carry his prayers for mankind, he renamed him Abraham. There was no book for Abraham to read.

There were no scriptures, only The Holy Spirit through Angels Gabriel and Michael. When God chose Oliver to guide Israelites out of servitude in Egypt, he renamed him Moses. Saul, the culprit who persecuted believers, was renamed Paul when he received the Light from the Lord. The Lord renamed Jacob Israel, he founded the Family of Israel. Jesus renamed Simon to Simon Peter, the gatherer of mankind.

God always reveals himself fully when he chooses to reach out to his flock. Strangely, in the bible, the Lord purportedly revealed a book but forgot to reveal a name for it. Churchmen had to come up with a name for it.

Unsurprisingly, the name BIBLE is not mentioned anywhere in the entirety of the book. Would the real Almighty God send an entire book to an entire religion without a name, a caption or mentioning the meaning and definition of the book throughout the whole book? Really? Does anybody know who named the bible?

Did God reveal the names Old Testament and New Testament? Was it any of the Prophets, which one? The bible, being the true word of God as claimed, which mortal had the authority to give his own name to God’s Word and where is that documented in the entire bible?

Every nation and ethnicity has authors, all these mortals have published works with titles and explanations for their choice of title. Did the true and Blameless God forget to name His own Book?

Name of the Religion

Just as with the name of the Christian book the bible, the name Christians is neither mentioned nor defined anywhere in God’s revealed book- the bible. God never named believers in the bible Christians, neither did Jesus!

If neither God nor Jesus who is the centre and core of the Religion didn’t name that Religion, the words bible and Christians can only be inventions of churchmen, the same churchmen who came up with so many contradictory myths in the book today referred to as the bible.

Timeframe of Compilation

Theological records clearly state that drafting of the bible started during the time of Moses around 1213 B.C to 100 A.D, the time of Jesus and the Disciples (The Romans destroyed much of the civilization, souvenirs and documents of the conquered territories of the Middle East in 70 A.D). This is over 1300 years of work in progress.

Dear reader, by common sense, how reliable is it that work that took over a thousand years to compile and complete and passed through many hands and generations with obviously varied interests, versions and interpretations be regarded as a valid collection of the original?

It appears that, instead of God revealing his book over a reasonable period of just one man’s life as with Muhammad and the Quran over just 23 years, God was waiting for men to live and then collect records of their works, wait for the next generation, watch their works and then record them. The God in the bible waited for men so He can gather history instead of vice versa.

Just to bring you closer to home, check through your family souvenirs and see if there is anything left behind by your great grandfather that still exists today. Then imagine records from 1300 years ago passed between generations and wars!

Language in the bible

We know from all known accounts that Jesus was born in present day Palestine and his native language was Aramaic as evidenced by his distress call while on the Cross (Eli Eli Lama Sa Bachta ni- Mathew 27:46).

But surprisingly, there is NO original version of Jesus’s teachings in Aramaic anywhere the world over, what exists today are gathered oral interpretations from theologians and clergymen. Subjectivity is a strong factor there. Moses’ single original book of works is in Hebrew. Mohammed’s single original Quran is in Arabic.

Those originals are neither edited nor tampered with. They have lived over generations and kept very securely. Where is Jesus’ copy of works in Aramaic? Nowhere! An interpretation is NOT an original no matter how pedantic it is in its narratives. That means the versions of the bible today aren’t the true Word of God except the one in Aramaic which unfortunately is lost or was destroyed.

The Gospels in the New Testament

Mathew’s original scriptures were all in Hebrew, but nobody can produce or locate those scriptures today. Of all writers of books in the New Testament, only Mathew was proven to be a true Disciple though his original works are no more.

Meaning everything about him today is drawn from passed oral accounts, no wonder the mix ups in his scriptures. John, Luke and Mark were tracked and it established that these men were not the real Disciples of Jesus. Luke was the disciple of Paul, himself a disciple of a Disciple. Mark was not a Disciple of Jesus but Simon Peter.

Readers of bibles appear too incapable of doing some research and reading through literature on their religion. The Gospel of John was tracked and theologian researchers couldn’t establish the link between John the Disciple and John the author of the Gospel.

They unanimously concluded that the Gospel of John was written by an unidentified man who attributed his scripts to John the Disciple to gain credence. The true John’s life after the crucifixion of Jesus is not well established. It is believed

he wrote the Book of Revelations from the Isle of Patmos and died around 100 A.D. The rest other Disciples faced early violent deaths at the hands of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar Augustus.

Paul makes interesting reading, the man was not a Disciple of Jesus. He was a disciple of Barnaba, the Disciple of Jesus Christ. Paul confessed seeing and hearing Jesus in a dream (Acts 26:19). Yet it is the same Paul through his teachings, letters and greetings to his friends who abolished the Law of Moses and trashed the Teachings of Jesus (Ephesians 2:14-15 & Romans 7:2-6) about fulfilling the Law of Moses (Mathew 5:17-18) Further reading is in Luke 24:44, Galatians 3:10,13.

Through Paul’s antagonism of the Laws, Christianity was born and transferred to the reigning Roman Empire under the now Christian Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Given a chance, Paul would have trashed the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20.

Still, Paul dishonoured what happened in Exodus 34:28; Deuteronomy 4:13, because according to him, not the Lord, Jesus’ coming and crucifixion had replaced the Law despite documented evidence of Jesus Himself loving, fulfilling and revering that same Law. That was the beginning of Papacy/ Pontiff which resides in The Vatican today.

The rest other orthodox and protestant churches broke away from the Institutionalised Roman Catholic Church.

Seemingly sensible men of virtues were virtually swayed away from the ways of the Lord by what a mere disciple of a Disciple saw and heard from a dream. A disciple of a Disciple had enough authority to cancel The Law of Moses- a great Messenger of God, and rubbish the Teachings of Jesus, yet Christians don’t see it this way.

As far as they are concerned, Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, He is the truth, the light and the way! Never mind any other abominations that were committed in between. Does it make sense that Jesus, the core of the Christian Religion, received no revelation about his Religion yet unidentified individuals and disciples of Disciples like Paul got that revelation?

Is this true of the true word of God? I leave you the reader to be the adjudicator. Moses got revelations. Muhammad got revelations. Why not Jesus? Why does the bible quote so many Gospels instead of just one from Jesus to avoid contradictions and ambiguities? In the context of the bible, Jesus is a weak man.

However, to prove that the bible IS NOT the true Word of God, despite the covenants and Jesus’ respect of the Law, Matthew 15:11, Mark 7:15 and 1 Timothy 4:4 torpedo all this by coming up with a new “revealed” philosophy. What exactly does this bible stand for? Ndazvishaya ini.

I leave you to check out Matthew 5:17-20 just to advance my argument further. Is God so confused nhai veduwee? Today Christians eat abominable meats because of greed and disregard of the Law decreed through Moses.

Thanks to Paul and some blasphemous individuals who twisted the facts about God’s teachings to accommodate their appetites for detestable foods and recreational desires for alcohol. Dear curious reader, let me beg you to browse through Leviticus 11:1-23 & Deutronomy 14:3-21.

If God does not change and his Laws have universal applicability despite time or generations (Psalms 94:12, Ezekiel 18:5-9, Mark 2:27, Romans 2:12-16), then why are Christians defiling their bodies, their Jesus Christ and forsaking the Laws of their Lord by following warped Gospels from Paul and others? Because Jesus replaced Moses? Just like that? Did Jesus Himself say He came to change the Laws?

God and the Holy Spirit or God, The Son and The Holy Spirit

The bible is not the true Word of God. According to the Book of Genesis, it is written that there was the Father and The Holy Spirit. This remains the same throughout the Old Testament. In the New Testament, John 1:1 also says in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Also according to Acts 17:24, “The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands”. What that means is that there is God and the Holy Spirit only.

Surprisingly, the same gospels talk of Trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit- still in that same bible. Is God a confused God? However, Acts 17:24 may help some understand why so many apostolic sects apart from Johane Masowe, worship in the open.

According to the bible, it’s not clear who was there, God and the Holy Spirit, or The Trinity. Why should God’s true word leave followers hanging? The church today puts Jesus above The Almighty. All their prayers are dedicated to Jesus yet Jesus is the Son of the Creator. Jesus admits in John 5:30 that by Himself He could do nothing yet the church makes Him mightier than His Father.

Genesis 1:5 claims that God created light, day and night. Reading further, Genesis 1:14 claims that God created the sun, moon and stars (“Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years”).

So where was the light, moon and stars that shone the day and night in Genesis 1:5 come from when the sources of light were created 3 days later? Dear reader, this is the bible that I’m talking about. A book purportedly revealed by God!

Genesis also mentions God resting after finishing creations on the Seventh Day. Does the real God need resting when we are also told that He watches us 24/7? Does God get tired?

Then why would we call Him The Almighty, The Creator, The Blameless One and The Holy One when the Almighty succumbs to fatigue like mortals?

Is Mr Magaya aware of these flaws in his trusted book? Obviously not. This kind of analytical observation is way beyond his depth.

Jesus’ Ancestry

The bible is inconclusive in its identity of Jesus. By the way, only the bible is confused, not Vapositori/ Madzibaba. The Gospels of the New Testament nervously refer to Him as The Son of God, Son of Mary, Son of David, Son of Joseph and Son of Abraham.

Can’t Jesus be identified through just one father like us all? Matthew traces Jesus’ ancestry to Abraham through Joseph the carpenter and David. Luke traces Jesus through David and Adam. Wobva watoshaya kuti ko zviri kumbofamba sei? In that same bible, Jesus simply referred to Himself as the Son of Man (Matthew 17:22 & 18:11).

Luke 7:16 simply recognises Jesus as a Prophet like Moses. “He is the Prophet of Nazareth” (Matthew 21:11). Put shortly, the bible doesn’t know who Jesus was/ is and by extension- so does its readers. I’m talking about the book that Mr Walter Magaya thinks and stridently claims to be the Word of God!

Way of Worshipping

Jesus fell on his face and prayed. He prostrated himself and prayed (Matthew 26:39). If Jesus, the Son of God, humbled Himself in Prayer before the Lord Almighty- His Father, why do Christians pray standing, wailing and pacing around the church floor vigorously tossing bibles high into the air calling on Jesus’ name alone?

Why don’t they submit more prayers to God before whose presence Jesus fell down and prayed? As Madzibaba, we kneel down ALWAYS and pray. We don’t scream or throw punches into the air towards the Lord.

We clasp our palms together and surrender our beings to the Most High. We don’t value the cleanliness of our garments, bodies and feet before the Lord, we value His Immortal Kingdom before which we are expendable mortal subjects. We owe Him total respect and submission.

If Christians really want to follow Jesus, they must kneel and stop eating abominable meats. They must stop preaching from Paul’s subversive Gospels. The bible, Christians and their way of praying are way too blasphemous and derogatory to the Lord.

Madzibaba are not recognised as Christians because that word was not revealed by God. Madzibaba pray both to Jesus and directly to God more often on a daily basis. We are very strongly ecclesiastic and resolute.

Today we see disturbing scenes of followers of Mr Magaya and other mushrooming “prophets” who are openly revered more than Jesus. When the “prophets” pass by or arrive, all believers drop to their knees and start chanting in animated adulation of the prophets while some serenade them in praise and worship.

The prophets cherish it and simply smile as they make their ways through the gatherings to their pulpits. Where is Jesus in all this? People now kneel before mortals but stand in prayer before the Lord!? “Prophets” have disdainfully and blasphemously drawn analogies between themselves and Jesus without any show of guilt or restraint. Like Mr Magaya perfectly put it in his

book, “those who read it (bible) do so deceptively”. The young man was inadvertently talking about none other than himself!

Jesus’ Ministry

Most of us are way too familiar with John 3:16. Yet Matthew 15:22-27 projects Jesus as a typical medieval racist. He literally called the Canaanite woman a dog! Did Jesus, the Messiah send to save the whole world, really say these words or this was an addition of the clergymen who edited and revised the bible?

If he truly said so, then all Christians are dogs because they are not of the House of Israel, right? Then why do Christians follow Him? Most likely, Jesus as a very kind and humble Man, didn’t say those words at all, churchmen did to make other ethnicities feel inferior to others before Jesus- creating a problem in so doing! But why did they use the bible? Simple. Because it’s not the true Word of God.

God in Ephesians 5:18 discourages drunkenness. Further reading is in Proverbs 23:29-35, Corinthians 6:12 & Peter 2:19, 1 Corinthians 8:913 and 10:31. So the narrative of the miracle at the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-11) is quite contestable, and most certainly, dismissible.

Remember Jesus declared that He did not come to abolish but to fulfil the Law of Moses? So why did Jesus, fully aware of the restrictions on alcohol and its effects around immorality when one is drunk, decide to perform such an abominable miracle?

There are many verses in the same bible that sharply contradict these Laws (Leviticus 10:9, Numbers 6:3, Psalms 104:14-15, Ecclesiastes 9:7, Proverbs 20:1 & 31:4 & Isaiah). Did God truly reveal this embarrassing compilation of confused Gospels? Did He?

My personal take on this is that Jesus DID NOT perform this miracle at all! It was clergymen who performed this miracle in the figments of their imaginations to make sure they don’t feel guilty when they indulge in their treasured beverages at the same time, worshipping the Lord.

They wanted to worship the Lord yes, but they also did not want to miss out on booze. To strike a compromise, they decided to edit the scriptures and added verses of miracles legalising wine and forbidden foods. These are men from western kingdoms where they raised many pigs and had large farms of vineyards.

Which is the Real Bible and why?

Catholics believe in a 46 book Old Testament. Protestants believe in a 39 book Old Testament. The Samaritan Old Testament has only five books. Which bible is the real bible? Nobody knows. Unobvunza ani anokupindura? As long as they shout “nezita raJesu” every time they congregate, that all that matters to them.


The Old Testament has only one God. The Gospels of the New Testament from disciples of Disciples talk of the Trinity in some cases, and switch to one God in others. It’s no surprise that in its Wisdom, the Holy Spirit instructed us veJohane Masowe yeChishanu not to read the bible.

The book is so falsified and blasphemous that we can never be allowed to refer or read it in church. Johane Masowe yeChishanu is purely God’s Revealed Religion. Our Lord never contradict Himself like the bible with its reported 30 000 to 50 000 mistakes.

Yes there are those who are doing wrong abominable things kuMasowe but according to the bible that Mr Walter Magaya vehemently believes as the true Word of God, Matthew 13:29-30 should explain enough why we have such splinter formations and why we can’t do anything about them. However, that doesn’t diminish the robust reality that Johane Masowe yeChishanu is truly God’s Revealed Religion in Africa.

This bible reading fraternity was deceptively and coercively introduced to the book by white men carrying guns hidden in the middle of the book riding on chariots. They told the converts to offer the other cheek when slapped on one. Through that ideology, our forefathers lost their wealth,

inheritance and dignity. Yet we still have men who believe this book to be revealed by God. If God spoke in person to other ethnicities elsewhere. Surely if He created us all in His image then He should also have a way of speaking in person to the black man of Africa. The bible IS NOT the true Word of God.

So if anyone out there sees a man frothing while talking about the bible, know that you are being taken to ransom by an illusionist or the man needs genuine help to stop wasting his living years reading from an obsolete book. The bible is the most blasphemous document ever put together. It creates circumstances for God’s might and authority to be doubted, challenged and questioned.

The fact that the bible has more than one version, means it’s not the true Word of God. The fact that it can be edited, further vindicates the claims that the bible is indeed NOT the true Word of God.

Musare neMutsa vana vanoyera. Ndatenda zvangu.

Madzibaba Tawona, Griffith, AUSTRALIA.