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The Dude ft Kazz new single launch set for today

LONDON – The last birthday party in the UK for singer Kazz (one half of the musical duo Bkay n Kazz) in Northampton this Friday will be the setting for the launch of a new single “Turn Up” by Zimbabwean rapper The Dude.

#TURNUP is The Dude’s first single as a DJ, featuring Kazz and two new artists from Boomslang Productions, Solo; whose first collaboration is being proven and Don Sketch; who has released two tracks already.

Kazz described the track as “having a British tone with an American flavor.” Asked what inspired him to collaborate on this track, The Dude stated how his love for music as a DJ required that he plays his own track in his set.

“…I love music and being a DJ, having to play your own track in your set is something every DJ wants to do. It helps to be original,” he said.