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Why Bona Mugabe cannot keep stolen property

By Wilbert Mukori

$100 000 plus 55 herd of cattle not counting the $ 5 million plus spend on the wedding, $ 5 million to buy the Hong Kong mansion for Bona’s accommodation, etc., etc. What a send-off! But since it is all stolen property, stolen from the impoverished and political enfeebled people of Zimbabwe, Bona must know none of it is hers to keep. The people of Zimbabwe will demand it back! 

Simba Chikore and Bona Mugabe wedding
Simba Chikore and Bona Mugabe wedding

In a country where the great majority of parents have been so impoverished by the 34 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption by Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies this is a grand gesture indeed. Many Zimbabweans have been so impoverished they cannot afford give their children a single decent meal a day. $100 000 cash plus 55 heard of cattle – hell!

Bona and her husband should know that all the money, cattle, boxes of jewelry and all other goodies are not theirs because they were stolen from the impoverished, batter and subjugated people of Zimbabwe by Mugabe. The day this Mugabe dictatorship is finally removed; that will not be long now then all the stolen and looted wealth must be recovered.

She got the all-expense paid education and the pandered life whilst they lived and hundreds of thousands died in dumb anguish. If there was a way of ringing very dollars’ worth from her Hong Kong education then the nation has every right to that too.

All those who have benefited from the years of this brutal dictatorship, directly or indirectly, must know that they will NOT be allowed to keep their looted wealth because they contributed, directly or indirectly, to the establishment and long longevity of the tyranny.

These Zanu PF people and their heirs contributed to the suffering of the majority who will continue to suffer in dumb anguish for generations unless they are given a leg-up.

It would be a serious dereliction of duty on the part of the democratic regime that replaces the dictatorship to let that happen.

Those who profited from the corruption and murder of this Zanu PF dictatorship must not have the advantage corruption and chaos brought to the nation or they will be guilty of double dipping!

Bona Mugabe with the benefit of all those years of no-expense spared education should know there is a law prohibiting the handling and/or possession of stolen property. She should know that Mugabe could not have legally earned all the fabulous wealth and riches he has and has so lavishly given some of it to her.

Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections (this matter will be rigorously proven beyond all reasonable and unreasonable doubt; absolutely no stone will be left unturned and volumes of evidence amassed for the case and for historic record).

Once it is proven that Mugabe rigged or stole the elections it will follow that he is illegitimate all he has said and done was and is illegitimate. The wealth and riches he has and has given away were all stolen from the good people of Zimbabwe and therefore will always remain their property.

The $100 000, 55 cattle, the jewels and rings Bona got from her corrupt and murderous father are all stolen property and the people of Zimbabwe have every right to demand all of it back.

The day the Zanu PF dictatorship is dismantled people like Bona will have to learn to earn a living from an honest day’s work like the rest of us! The enslavement of millions so that a chosen few can live in luxuries is unjust and unacceptable and must end!”