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#NehandaCitizenReports – Tokwe Mukosi victims situation at Chingwizi

Sent 03 March 2014

Nehanda Radio, as one of the people who have shown much interest on the goings on around Tokwe Mukosi Dam and the people affected by the floods, I want to inform you that things are not going well with the people relocated to Chingwizi.

Some of the homes around Tokwe Mukosi
Some of the homes around Tokwe Mukosi

I am based in South Africa but my family was relocated to the area. I have just talked to my family members this evening and they tell me that things are not well regarding shelter. All they could get for shelter were plastics and out of these they made shakes.

Many people who have been transferred to this place have no tents and thus use these shakes as well. I am told that this afternoon around 3pm there was a heavy downpour accompanied by strong winds such that the shakes were destroyed.

Rain fell on people’s possessions including their blankets such that for many, sleeping tonight will be a nightmare. There are over 3000 families in the area and the majority has been affected.

After the rains and with their shakes destroyed, the people went to the DA of Mwenezi District in which the area lies to complain about their predicament and demanding tents, the DA is said to have run away – he did not want to talk to people. It is said that about 2 people were arrested in the process.

Dire as this situation is, maybe if you could publicise these concerns donors may come in to provide tents. They say food for now is okay.

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