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Tsvangirai Gokwe Centre Rally in Pictures

After a rally in Nembudziya, Gokwe on Tuesday, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Wednesday took his presidential campaign to Gokwe Centre. The Zimbabwe Prime Minister is seeking to end 89 year old Robert Mugabe’s uninterrupted 33 years in power.

MDC-T supporters at Tsvangirai at Gokwe Centre
MDC-T supporters at Tsvangirai at Gokwe Centre

At the rally in Nembudziya, Tsvangirai said his party has evidence that Zanu-PF youths voted during the two-day special voting exercise for members of the uniformed forces and that the chaos around the exercise was planned. “They want to steal the elections through the special ballot vote,” he said.

“They had all the 80 000 ballots, but what their intelligence told them was that the police also wanted change. They then created an artificial shortage and only released 5 000 special envelopes.” Tsvangirai said Zanu-PF bussed its youths to pose as police officers so as to vote in Mt Pleasant, Harare.

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On Sunday angry and impatient police officers smashed windows of the polling station in Mount Pleasant protesting the slow special voting process. Hundreds of uniformed police officers had gone to the Mt Pleasant Hall in the early hours of the day but by 4PM, less than 100 had voted.

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