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Singer Ngoni puzzled by Prophet Bere

HARARE – Urban grooves singer Ngoni Kambarami has no clue as to why newly converted Prophet Ronnie Bere mentioned him as one of the people he wanted to convert. 

Ngoni Kambarami
Ngoni Kambarami

The Angela singer was mentioned by Bere last week among a list of people who needed divine intervention including raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and several prostitutes Bere once associated with.

H-Metro spoke to Ngoni Kambarami who initially did not want to comment on the issue saying it was baseless.

“I do not want to comment on the issue. I just want to forget about it because it’s baseless,” he said.

When asked whether Bere had any issues with him during his earthly days before his conversion Ngoni said:

“I have no issues with him whatsoever and I don’t know why he mentioned me. May be its people who misquoted him, I don’t know. My relationship with Ronnie was a professional relationship where I knew him as a manager and I was just an artist. It never went beyond that,” he said.

However he said he has nothing against Bere mentioning his name. “I have no bad feeling towards him. I have let that issue go and I am not bothered about it as I find it baseless. I am a strong Christian Catholic member,” he said. H Metro